Will TSA allow you to carry on your flight bag?



I am wondering if anyone has attempted to bring their flight bag on a commercial flight. I’m sure a headset and handheld navcom would raise some eyebrows at the security checkpoint, but I don’t believe it should be prohibited. Anyone have any experience with this?



Done it many times. I’m sure thousands of people do it every day. Nothing in there should raise any eyebrows.


Thanks! I was afraid they might think I was up to something :wink:


there’s plenty of off duty airline guys going places, sometimes they’re in uniform but sometimes they’re riding on passes…plus there’s corporate pilots deadheading to an aircraft that will have their stuff. They see it all quite a bit.


Thanks, I should have thought of that.


I heard a story about a working airline pilot going through security soon after the TSA took over. The agent was going through his flight bag, taking the books out, etc. The pilot asked what he was looking for and, without missing a beat, the guy said “anything you might be able to use to take control of the aircraft…” The TSA guy wasn’t too happy when the pilot replied that he was supposed to have control of the aircraft.

In all seriousness, I’ve only had them question my flight bag once. I don’t think they liked the 2D cell mag lite I carry. My reply was that I’m required to carry it.


you can go through with anything accept weapons if you vare an employee. If you are a passenger then yes it will attract attention


Completely untrue.

Please stop bringing up dead threads to post this poorly worded drivel.




I do every time I start a new trip! (I commute to LAX, so its vital lol)