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Luggage unattached to a passenger


I’ve been watching Air Disasters on Netflix, and just watched “Explosive Evidence” about Air India 182. I’ve seen it before, but, I don’t mind watching some of these again. :slight_smile:

One of the things said on there makes me wonder. They said that “new regulations” since things like this, and another incident prevent airlines from carrying any luggage unless the passenger it is attached to is on board that plane.

Now, I understand it would be IMPOSSIBLE to plan a bombing in this way, but, everyone knows that airlines LOSE luggage EVERYDAY. So, in this case, for any given flight, there HAS to be a random bag that is being re-routed from or to or back or where ever to get to the passenger it belongs to.

Now, this is not to say that the airline or TSA or whomever has not opened this bag and gone through it with a fine tooth comb, but, still, there has to be baggage that goes on planes everyday without their attached passengers.


Probably. How many bags are checked every day? How many are misrouted daily? If those odds disturb you, I would recommend you don’t fly.

You misunderstand. They don’t disturb me, but, to just say that a flight never leaves with a bag that isn’t attached to a passenger isn’t accurate.

I’m just saying that I know a person with malicious intent could not use this for harm.

There are checks. Is it perfect? Nope. If you know someone who would take advantage of the possible weakness, I’d report them to your local authorities.

I fail to see how that (the underlined sentence) would give you any comfort because bombers do not think like rational people. Plenty of them would be more than happy to become martyrs, given half a chance. For instance, the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid was caught red-handed while trying to set off explosives hidden in his shoes.

The checks aren’t foolproof attachment of a passenger to his or her luggage - what they do is prevent a passenger from intentionally separating from his or her baggage.

Also, the current baggage x-rays for checked baggage (which only became mandatory within the last few years) significantly reduced the risk from checked baggage.

Reid is a perfect example of a wanna be martyr. And, the reason we need to take off our shoes for the TSA idiots. Just to be an ass, years ago I put match heads in my shoes (two) and then flew to SBA from LAX. No one was any the wiser. Be it match heads or C4, TSA would not have known. As for unmatched baggage. No one really cares (on the other side). We are fighting yesterdays fight. IF a person wanted a bag on a plane to make a statement…why not just send it USPS?