Spirit to charge for 2nd bag


Spirit will charge for 2nd bag in order to keep fares low.

Wonder how long this will last? Will Spirit be the Lone Ranger or will other airlines join in? No other airline charges extra for the second bag. In fact, Southwest not only doesn’t charge for the second bag but allows you to check in a THIRD piece of luggage for free!


Wazzu 90’s guide to a stress free life, tip #73: Don’t check bags!

Econ 101: Nothing is really free!


Right - just bring oversized carry-ons and fill up the overhead bins so that by the time I get on the plane with my small-sized carry-on, all the overhead space is gone…


As long as checking bags is such a hassle, that’s exactly what I’m going to keep doing.


Here are some options to make everyone happy.

  1. Buy a Costco/Kirkland roller which fits perfectly in the overhead or under the seat. They are bulletproof too!
  2. FedEx your expansive wardrobe and shoe collection to your hotel.
  3. Wear two sets of clothing and underwear.
  4. Print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport so you claim hogging rights to the bins.
  5. Stay home with your whiney, seat back kicking children.
  6. Buy into a fractional and leave your steamer trunks at the airstair for them to deal with!




No, this is Bingo. :wink:


Maybe in the future, but for now I’ll stick to stuffing my things in my large carry on bags. :slight_smile:


Not just Econ. TINSTAAFL is the most important law of every discipline. In fact, it may be the one overarching law governing the universe! I have talked with several PhD’s and have yet had one come up with an example of a proper theory which does not comply with TINSTAAFL.


thanks, but I’ll just use my Comanche - 1267lb payload.

Full fuel I STILL have 750lbs for passengers and bags. I also have 6 seats. If I do not fill the aux tanks I have 930lbs of payload and 3 hours range.

I can take 4 adults and 2 children [and no bags] or 4 adults and enough luggage for a week at 3 rolling bags per couple, plus computers and purses and STILL beat the airlines out to about 1000nm and that is WITH a fuel stop. I can go about 750nm nonstop into a 30kt with 4 adults, all their luggage and STILL be under max weight and only take about 5.5 hours airport to airport which makes it, as an example, 6.5 hours door to door to our vacation home.

The airlines take 6.5 hours airport to airport for the 700nm due to needing to get to the airport early, security hassle, the inevitable delays [Airline schedules are ‘suggestions’ now] and THEN it is another hour drive from the alrline airport to the house. So,

Further, given the airline fares, the only way to get the cheapest fare is to depart at the most uncivil hour. The fare is $100 a person more to leave at a time that a normal human is awake. So, operating our aircraft costs about the same as using the airlines, we get there relaxed, no hassle, and in less time.


Damn Brits…

British Airways not jumping on, and beyond this crap…

What a bunch of CRAP


Mr. Leocha wrote:
A quote from the article:

Some industry analysts say that domestic airlines handle as much in luggage weight as they do in passenger weight, and the Transportation Security Administration reports that more than 50 percent of its $6-something billion budget goes to baggage screening.

Bull pucky! Where the hell do they get this crap from? Sounds like they just made it up to me.


Well, they have to come up with something since their last airfare increase didn’t stick.


Bull PUCKY?!? W.T.F. is “bull pucky”?



Never heard of Don Rickles?


You guessed correctly, but I can’t believe you’ve never heard the phrase “bull pucky.” :question:

As far as the animation itself…one word: NICE. I can’t wait till the first complaint about “tasteless crude humor,” although my pointing it out may have just thwarted said complaint. In any case, keep up the good work, Needle. :wink:


Aer Lingus : - The Irish ‘National’ Carrier enforces a surcharge on the FIRST bag you check in!


Having about 1000 Irish cousins, I have to tell you that most don’t own more than would fill a regular carry on anyway :wink:


And continue to delay flights

If you are going direct it is one thing. But if you are making a connection what is the point? How can it be hassle free by dragging your bag around the airport?

In the past year and a half I can not recall a problem checking a bag. Even 10 days after the liquid bad when everyone decided to check bags it all went well. The only way it could possibly be a problem is if you arrive at the airport and your flight departs within the hour


Unless you’re an 80 year old woman, I can’t see how it can be that much of a hassle. And the hassle of the bags is outweighed by the potential pain in the ass caused by checking it. And I have had enough problems over the years with luggage (exploding paint cans, lost luggage, etc.), that I try to carry it on as much as possible, delayed be damned.

And there is nothing like getting off a plane and walking right out the door without having to wait for luggage.