seat back pocket not for personal items...

recently while flying from MSP to SBA (via three stops) I was informed by the flight attendant that my water bottle and book could not be stored in the seat back pocket during takeoff. She informed me they could be placed on the floor under my seat however. I found this bizarre - the pocket is stuffed with catalogs and magazines but somehow my book created a hazard?

Anyone know the reason behind such a regulation? Apparently there was an FAA inspector on board monitoring the pre-flight instructions to passengers.


The FAs can make up and enforce whatever rule their fevered brains can think of, what recourse do you have?

Wanna’ have some fun? Take everything except the emergency instruction card (FAA requirement) out of the pocket and place it in the middle of the aisle. When the FA questions your action, tell him/her that they encroach on your seat space.

The new rules for flying commercially: Sit down, STFU and be happy that you eventually arrive at your destination, even if your luggage doesn’t!

That will be $5.

The rule is in place to prevent the exit path from the seat from being blocked.

They have determined that the amount of stuff the airline sticks in there is safe and you can easily get out of your seat. However, stuffing a bowling ball in there would make it pretty hard to get out of your seat. This is the same reason why you have to stow all your carry-ons and put your seat backs and tray tables up.


Would they even allow a bowling bowl to be taken on? Couldn’t it conceivably be used as a weapon.

The rule is in place to prevent the exit path from the seat from being blocked.

I guess that makes sense.

I bet it had more to do with the FAA inspector being onboard. If they dont enforce a reg in some instances the FA’s can be personally fined. ie: not telling someone that the seat belt sign is on if they get up. Fa’s never know who might be watching them, known or unknown

I don’t mind a book here and there, but stop using it as a trash can. I can’t tell you how many disgusting things I’ve found cleaning a plane.

The first thing I do before sitting down is to put my water and book in the seatback. Who knew I was such a scofflaw?

It’s pretty nasty for us pax when we innocently put a magazine we’re reading in there and then later pull it out and find we also pulled out someone’s nasty snotty tissue or who knows what :open_mouth:

Ahh yes, the biohazard grab-bag. Will it be a diaper? Someones snot rags from their cold they have not been able to shake before vacation? Full airsick bag they failed to mule back to the lav? I feel a single tear as I walk back down memory lane.

Not to mention the personal items, keys, wallet, phone, tickets (with the card number you used to buy the flight)…good thing I am an honest person. 8)

Or, worse yet, you reach into the pocket, pull out the magazine, and found someone did the crossword puzzle already! Then, you check the other two seats and the same thing! Oh, that is so wrong!

Bastards! :open_mouth:

Heck, anything can be considered a weapon today, those pens and pencils are very dangerous, thats why all agents have a pen, to fend off other people who have tose dangerous weapons.

Good God !!! I would have gotten off the plane immediately and demanded a refund !!!

Oh yeah, well how about when some idiot has tried to do the “difficult” sudoku, puts four numbers in and they’re wrong. Now that’s maddening.

Heh i do that but i always take my magazine when i leave the plane. 8)

:laughing: :laughing:

I take it you are poking fun at damiross’s drama over a small matter.

There are two things I hate in the seat pocket

  1. no magazine
  2. gum in the seat pocket

I’m amazed that they still have magazines in the seat backs. Thats a good 35-50lbs per plane right there that they could save, let alone the printing costs and distribution. My only theory on that is having something for a passenger to bide their time saves more money in customer service and in case their hands get busy and start drawing on the side walls or something.

Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if someday soon we see bare metal folding chairs with flimsy nylon seatbelts as seating on airliners, no magazines, no drinks, no food, no nothing.

I was watching Inside American Airlines and one of their management personal said that the weight of the magazines (and cost for that weight) is outweighed of the revenue brought in by the magazines (advertisements etc.), which is why they still have them.

Didn’t see Jgona’s above comment until after I posted, that answered my question about the fact that they must be profitiable but, but to add to that, Its amazing that AA puts them out twice a month!