Am I the only one who’d go stir crazy on a 737 from CA to HI or vice versa? That is just too long on such a tight-seated plane! :laughing:


No you are not. I just did a flight from Portland, OR to HNL on a NWA 757. Talk about horrible! I will never again fly for more than 2 hours aboard a single aisle plane. No way- no how.



Airlines fly nonstop NY/LA and NY/Western Europe on single-aisle planes!


What’s wrong with a single aisle aircraft? Just because it’s a twin aisle aircraft doesn’t mean the aircraft has more leg room.


No- but if the drink cart is in the aisle- you’re stuck. At least with a twin-aisle aircraft, you can work your way around and walk for a stretch. I’m not good at sitting still. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I have purposely spent $150 more on airfare- and even added a stopover, just to avoid single-aisle planes.

I know, I’m nuts. :slight_smile:



Granted, I haven’t ridden on a twin aisle in a long time but what’s to prevent both aisles from having a service cart in both aisles.

$150? That sounds like a lot of money just so you don’t have to sit still. Why don’t you just hang out at the rear galley/door? Unfortunately you can’t do that at the front door anymore.


Like I said- I’m nuts- or at least I go nuts. :laughing:

Here is a Hawaiin air 767

Notice the areas near the bulkheads that you can navigate around, should a drink cart be in both aisles. Believe me- I have figured this out after a few “trial and errors”. :slight_smile:



I think I found one even worse! A four hour flight on an ATR-72! I can’t imagine spending that long on that plane or a Dash-8. I assume people save a lot of money on those flights?


Ahhh yeah, I loved my 777 flight for a whoppin $14.20 or so from KDEN to KORD.


“woe is me, I have to fly on a single aisle plane to paradise.”

the 737’s aloha flies(700’s) to cali and back are not configured like their 200’s nor like Southwests cattle movers. They have about the same legroom or more than the widebodies(read ‘coveted double aisle’) that fly to Hawaii.

Alot of Aloha passengers really like flying with Aloha. The service is exceptional and you just can’t beat freshly baked warm choc chip cookies & milk given to COACH passengers after the in-flight movies. Compare that to the no meal or food for purchase services offered on other carriers trans pacific flights.


I’ve usually enjoyed my SNA to KOA flights on Aloha’s 737s. The return flight this year being the exception (sat behind the family from hell).

I find the flight more comfortable than say, an AA or UA 757 flight from LAX - leather seats, less people, less distance to the lavs.

It’s interesting that Boeing has patented a design for a 737 size twin aisle aircraft. :bulb: Speculation whether this will be applied to the 737 follow-on.


Have you been on Southwest? They have more legroom than most economy sections of other airlines 737’s. The 737-700 and -300 seat a maximum of 149 pax. Southwest takes out the equivalent of 2 rows and seats only 137 pax in them. The -500 is similarly configured.

Now, if you have mainly legs and no body, it may be a different story…