Clean up in aisle three!

Well, not quite…



are from 2008 and they’re choking up the arrivals page at my local.

Wouldn’t mind so much but I’ve missed a couple diverts the past month because of these four guys being in the way.
(I looked but didn’t see a sticky or thread for these types of issues, apologies if I missed something)*

Does St.John’s qualify for the Bermuda Triangle ?

Most likely centred stored flight plan routes that keep getting automatically input’d into the system at either the ACC or FSS because the company forgot to cancel them.

Do a search for BRM600. Air 500 got bought out by Execaire 5 years ago yet this flight plan keeps showing up and never activated. The flight operates as EXA600. I believe the problem is that it takes someone from the company in question to cancel a centre stored route.

boy I hope you’re wrong.

I think FA needs an “ignore flight” option for our members. :slight_smile: