dumb airline question, boring too!


I know there is no smoking on part 121 a/c but are the pilots required to keep the no smoking signs illuminated? If they are not illuminated could one assume they are allowed to smoke. Just wondering as I flew a commercial flt recently and every single NS sign at each row was off the entire flt. yet on other carriers it is always on and the airlines will ensure each row is lit up w/ NS sign visible.
Thanks, CC


They could light them up, but that may cost extra… 8)


You are instructed during the safety briefing that it is a non-smoking flight.

Also, you are required to listen to the flight attendant’s instructions to put it out.

There’s also no more ashtrays in the armrests.


Fare: $100

Tax: $25

Bag Check: $15

Breathable Air: $25

Soda: $2 per

Ice in Soda: 50 cents

Jetway Lease fee $2 per arrival and departure

Airport Lease Surcharge: $5

Fuel Surcharge: $22.50

Smoking Lamp fee: $1 per segment

Treating you with dignity: Are you serious?


i may look stupid asking this question but is every commercial flight now non smoking? even in first class? just a question i need an answer too, thanks


I was just curious as this airline was fined recently for overlooking maintenance issues. They also left an overhead bin open for 35 min during turbulence yet walked by it several times and never closed it. Also a passenger near me had a tray table that wouldnt stay up (latch broken off) When she tried to get the attention of the fa, the fa just ignored her so the passenger just held her finger on it to keep it up on takeoff. I know at other airlines this is considered a “no go” item as it impedes accees out of the row. Seems like they were more interested in closing the door quickly to get the flt out on time as it was 10 min late than safety.


you KNOW it would be more than 10 minutes. It would be 10 minutes for the Captain to contact Maintenance. 30 minutes for maintenance to show up. 10 min to diagnose it, another 15 to get the tools, 3 minutes to fix it, another 15 to complete the paperwork, and thats what? 1:33 from start to finish. You KNOW it will take that long . . .


You are right , (take too long to fix) Thats why Southwest just ignored it, but what else are they ignoring? oh… well beside those craks in the fuselage.


Every domestic flight in the US, Canada, and EU and every International flight are now non-smoking.

The only flights where smoking is allowed are domestic flights in a handful of third world countries.


Add China to your list, although that may be changing due to the Olympics.


I always enjoyed a smoke with the pilots and flight attendants on repositioning flights.