I am about to go to the nashville airport to go to miami and was wondering if the security people would question me for havin too many electronics on me (ipod, cellphone, psp, camera, and xm off of course)?
thanks so much happy new year!


Don’t worry – you won’t be the first or the last.


haha ok thanks!!


haha ok thanks!!


I have never been asked about anything on my person or in my bag. The only hassle I’ve ever had is at a very small airport, served by one commuter airline. They shattered the screen of my PDA one time. I could only stand there and watch. Of course they did not pay for the damages either. I took the issue all the way to my congressman and I’ll never get my time or my Palm replaced. Another time, they accused me of having bomb residue on my shoes.


I once went on with three scanners and a crazy looking antenna in my carry on, no questions asked.

You’ll be fine with common electronics like those.


Flights over the Christmas holiday. In my carry-on luggage:
oodles of chargers
Garmin GPS PDA

The only problem was the idiots at the “security” check point. They took my girlfriend’s cheese spreader. It was not a knife but it had a pointy end so they stole it. They didn’t take the other two items, even though they were just as sharp (which is to say they weren’t sharp at all) because they didn’t have a pointy end. They didn’t care that the writing pen I had and showed them had a pointy end on it, also. What a bunch of morons!


haha yeah today in FLL my dad got stopped for like 15 minutes because they thought his ipod charger was something else!! :unamused: