We knew it was coming...United to charge for 1st checked bag


United Airlines to charge fee to check single bag
Carrier follows lead of American; fees will generate $275 million a year
updated 10:29 a.m. CT, Thurs., June. 12, 2008

CHICAGO - UAL Corp’s United Airlines on Thursday became the latest airline to begin charging $15 to check a single bag on domestic flights, matching the controversial fee launched in May by AMR Corp’s American Airlines as the industry struggles to offset soaring fuel prices.

The parent of the No. 2 U.S. airline also said it raised the fee it charges to check three or more bags, overweight bags or items that require special handling to $125 from $100, or to $250 from $200, depending on the item.

The changes apply to customers who purchase a ticket on or after June 13 for travel within the United States and to or from Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on or after August 18. The $15 fee does not apply to some customers who are members of United’s loyalty programs.

United’s single-bag fee is the second such fee launched by a major airline. The airline was the first legacy carrier to implement a $25 fee to check a second bag.

The new fees are part of a broader effort by airlines to charge passengers for services that used to be included in the price of a ticket. Some carriers charge for in-flight perks such as meals, drinks and snacks.

“With record-breaking fuel prices, we must pursue new revenue opportunities, while continuing to offer competitive fares, by tailoring our products and services around what our customers value most and are willing to pay for,” John Tague, UAL’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

United said fees for checking the first and second bags would generate revenue of about $275 million a year.

American Airlines was sharply criticized for its single-bag fee by passengers who consider the charge excessive.
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Now with United charging for the first bag, I am sure everyone else will follow. :imp: :imp:


Everyone else except Southwest.

If the airlines are going to charge for baggage then they should do it on a weight basis, not a per piece basis.


United said fees for checking the first and second bags would generate revenue of about $275 million a year.

Is this before or after people start cramming their stuff into every single possible space in carry-on items?

Also, this will cause longer security lines, and both confusion and anger at gates when people are informed they must check their over-filled bags for $15.


That might be a good idea since we will know see huge bags being brought on board to avoid fees. Of course what the airlines should is charge a person’s ticket by their weight. There are so many overweight people in America that this alone would swing the airlines into record profits. :laughing:


USAir will charge $15 for first checked bag also, as well as $2 for non-alchoholic drinks (including water) just announced today


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Now what US can do is heat the plane up so that people are forced into buying beverages from them therefore increasing profits. :laughing: :laughing:


Its a catch 22, you can’t bring your own juice, water, pop, over 3 ounces with so, and now charging for the very basics that are needed on a plane. There is a reason the attendants offer water, repeatedly, on flights. Hydration, on a long flight is necessary.

Next, we might see a coin (bill) slot on the toilets.

And don’t be surprised to see the number of miles needed to fly in the continental US raise from the current 25,000 miles and, for sure, from the 35,000 miles to Hawaii and Alaska.


I was about to book a flight on US today and suddenly took note of that. Didn’t really come to that much of a surprise, though.


Your allowed to bring your own liquids, just not through security. You can purchase liquids after security and still take them on board. Pop outside security here costs just as much as the gas station down the road.


everything in airports is overpriced. EVERYTHING!


One airport that I know of has street pricing so you aren’t overcharged. That’s the Portland Airport in Oregon (PDX).


The flight attendants are frustrated because this new policy was announced, but the procedures haven’t been addressed. Right now, you will need cash only and the F/A’s will only have limited change. Charging for drinks will make beverage service take longer and create a lot of ill will. Also, one of the reasons listed besides generating revenue was weight savings. ??? Instead of 12oz cans and pretzels, all the passengers will be packing lunch and bringing 20oz sodas, ect. on board. :question:


Charging for water? Spare me!

What next? Lavatory access fee: $2 for first three minutes $1 per minute thereafter liquid flush: $1 solid flush: $2 TP $1 limit three squares

These idiots don’t get it! :imp:


Here’s what’s next!


They realized that they can’t raise fares, each airline competes too much to fluctuate the price of the ticket too much. With that its looking at other ways to save gas, and make cash.

Flying slower, charging for more, and such as those. Honestly I’m sure we would have hit this eventually anyways, but the price wars between the airlines left only the one route. “We have the cheapest fare, but keep your wallet out”


It really is sad, but it seems like Southwest is the only one not bringing on this stupid charges.


In talking to my father in-law yesterday, he just got 2 round trip tickets on Spirit there were baggage charges for both. I told him not to be shocked, every airline is doing it.


What about JetBlue?