Now Northwest


Northwest Airlines today said that they will charge $25 for an extra bag to check.

So now we have two airlines on this bandwagon, United and Northwest, who will be next? Will this become a standard thing for airlines?
This can’t be popular for customers.


Spirit was the first, and then United and US Airways followed suit. LINKIE

…So now we have 4 airlines charging extra for 2nd bags.

It’s looking more and more like it will be.


I just read now that Delta has implemented the bag charge? I must of just thought United was the first on the count that I heard it on WGN Radio one day in Chicago and assumed they started it.


AA is looking at this too. CO is the only legacy airline that hasn’t looked into this (at least according to the media).


HAHA, I didn’t realize that none of these added charges have started. I went to the United counter this morning at O’Hare to check my girlfriend in and the kiosk said “No Added charge for second bag”. I thought it was an immediate change. My girlfriend looked at me with the look of I could of brought that second bag to check! I haven’t payed any attention to the kiosk recently because I usually fly first and she was flying coach today. And I’m pretty sure none of the airlines are going to charge first class passengers for extra check-in bags. But all I know is that tempers are gonna fly.


There’s quite a few international carriers due to increase fee’s and limit’s here within the next year. It’d take some time and searching to go through each carrier we service/codeshare with but I’ve seen notices on at least half of them.


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Continental adds charge for second bag … /index.htm


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Back on topic/sorta. AA is already down to 50lbs for international bags. BA and quite a few others have systems in place to limit as well by the end of the year. Judging by the current trends, in two years you will be allowed one quart sized ziplock container for your luggage.


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Airtran will now be adding a fee of 10 dollars for a second checked bag.


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