Now NWA!

Northwest now charges $15 for the first bag.

It’s only a matter of time until all airlines operate this way (probably even SWA)

I however think that this is a better concept, and you should be charged only for what you need, however if I recall correctly, this is how the now defunct Skybus operated, and their business was not successful.

Somebody needs to come up with a concept to charge for only what you need, however ticket prices will continue to rise no matter what because of the fuel prices…

I disagree. This is just the airlines nickel and diming us. So many are oblivious of such charges, and will result in many people trying to bring oversized carry ons on board. RAISE THE PRICE OF TICKET. That is all they have to do. Of course, they have to deal with Southwest.

Well, the problem is with a lot of massive legacies nickel-and-diming passengers, it is becoming the norm. Unfortunately, air travel will soon be associated with “Okay time to fly! Remember to bring $15 for the bag, $2 for the drink, $2 for the curbside check-in, blah, blah, blah”. It is getting so bad I predict many non-legacies to start the nickel-and-diming.

But, even if the legacies start raising fares, my guess is that they’d keep these dumb fees. They’d probably issue a press release saying the “fees are ‘working’ and our customers have come to know them” just so they can make a few extra bucks.

And nenyedi, I think skybus was kind of on the right track, but they took it waaay to far.

:imp: :imp: :imp: It has been on the news and in this forum in one topic or another…read those threads as well before going on and on about NWA…AA,US,UA have all beat them to the spotlight with this move. :imp: :imp:

You fail to note in your initial note that 2500 people will loose their job at NWA as well. :imp: :imp:

Skybus failed not because they they charged for extra things, but because they flew routes that nobody wanted to fly (like Greensboro-Punta Gorda or Columbus-Chicopee) and virtually gave away tickets. They also had an operation that was riddled with delays and cancellations, despite their “plan” to circumvent that kind of stuff.

I agree. They really had a flawed business plan. Although didn’t they have ads on there planes? That may be something we see in the future with other carriers. … 1289338/M/

Hello West Pac, this would turn heads…as would this one … 0764116/M/

Wtih the Thrifty jet parked on the next gate.