Northwest Revenue Booster!

We know it costs much more to get a business or first class seat but NWA decided today that it will move you to a seat with more leg room for a price of $15-20. So they can move you to a emergency row seat for $15. And soon they might start charging for soft drinks and checked luggage.
I wonder if you can use WorldPerks to get it?

On NBC Nightly News yesterday evening, Brian Williams explained that it, “. . . will run you fifteen bucks more to reserve. That’s over a dollar an inch for extra leg room. It’s called, ‘Coach Choice,’ perhaps because coach is already such a choice experience. You can’t get food or pillows anymore but if you aren’t careful, you’ll get priced right into a center seat.”

Yea I forgot to mention where i heard it from. It was NBC Nightly News. I also heard it on WBBM in Chicago.