New Seats

I caught a quick clip on CNN about airlines having new seats were you are standing and strapped in your seats? They say it might cost less (i don’t know if they were joking or not) but isn’t that a little unsafe?

There’s an article about it at SF Gate, among other places.

Airbus denies it. I really think it’s a rumor that has no basis in fact. I cannot see anybody wanting to stand for the duration of a flight. Additionally, though the FAA only says that passengers need to be secured during flight, I don’t think there’s a good way to secure a passenger while standing.

Would a seat-paying gentleman offer his seat to a standing woman? What if the woman was pregnant :question:

I’m just saying what i saw on the news.

You probably did see this on the news…but since when have they gotten all the facts straight? I don’t know why Airbus, or any aviation-related company, would stick their necks out and make such a proposal. Anything they ever said about air safety wouldn’t be taken seriously if they did, in fact, come up with this. Aside from turbulence and accident safety, what would it do for your circulation? Nothing good, I’m guessing!
Safety issues aside, anyone out there cheap enough to buy one of these “seats” probably doesn’t fly anyway. Any self-respecting airline would be too embarassed to introduce such an idea…(Insert Ryanair comments here) :wink:

Also, realize the source…CNN…that should get you scratching your head.

No i Know what your saying but they said it would be more for regional jets and flights. But i know wouldn’t fly in one of those seats.

Well now, on a 45 minute shuttle flight from DCA to LGA… wouldn’t be so bad - if the fare was $50 each way instead of $125.
UNTIL the first time you have a ground delay of half an hour or more. :smiling_imp:

Imagine standing from KJFK to RJTT or YSSY :cry:

Turbulence would suck too!

But seriously, I heard about this too and question its validilty. I know for the regionals it wouldn’t make any difference. Weight is weight and there aren’t too many planes that could take on any more pax than they do with the seats they already have. You would also need to increase the FAs depending…

Lets just put everyone in there own little bubble. If the plane were to crash people would be bouncing everywhere. HAHA (Actually that would be fun)

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As I said, just a rumor - and a wrong one at that.

there are amusement park rides where you are standing with a bump for your butt to sit on, and some sort of over the shoulder restraining device.

did someone jack your acct? you are posting on threads that are several years old

i did see something on fox news the other day about airbags on the airplane, there was a woman expaining it and had a demo version of it there. Who knows what about it?

thats a good point, is it possible to put an airbag in the tray table on the seat in front of you?

Meek, why are you going back and pulling up all these old threads??? :confused: