Ryan Air eyeing Standing seating arrangements . . .

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No F-ing thanks! I’ll take the conventional way of seating. I flew on a couple of MAC flights when I was in the Navy, the COD (Carrier on Board Delivery) C-2, the Air Forces’ 141 and the C-5. We were all seated in the ‘facing the rear of the A/C’ configuration…I didnt like it one bit. Plus, Standing? I also read recently, and I wished I had saved the article and posted it, that a major was looking at sideways seating. All in the name of adding more pax to maximize the cost effectiveness of the aircraft. Again not for me…besides, I’m a window seat kind of guy. I see safety implications in both of these civilian scenarios. Just my opinion… I could be wrong.

Airlines like Ryan already have the maximum seating available in their aircraft. I don’t see how they could had more, even if it is vertical. Part of the certification process for aircraft is to prove that all passengers can evacuate the aircraft in 90 seconds. It would seem that an aircraft would need more exits if they get more seats.

This is just something that they talked about to get free press.

As said before, for safety reasons they can’t add any more seats to their aircraft than they currently have.

Imagine not having a seat during a 9-hour tarmac delay! :smiling_imp:
Bet they’d wish they paid a few more quid for a seat then!

Albeit a tad late chaps…but I found it. Interesting, funny, but in wierd way. Gonna go out on a limb here…but ya think window seats might be tad higher? :wink:

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … -face.html

So what would be your “crash position” in those seats? Something like this?..


Thanks for that one- just spilled coffee on my lap laughing at that

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Ryan Air planing to order new type of Being which will be suitable for standing positions. So far as I am cocerne they wait for permition from FAA Ireland.

So what would be your “crash position” in those seats? Something like this?..

Funniest pic I have seen in a long time!
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The same pics were passed around at Farnborough two ago ('05?) only it was for the A380. The story was they were going to get 1200 on the aircraft by using the same seats.

i did a mac flight back in the navy i loved it. i spent more on the cab ride to and back from the airport than the flight. That was to and back from the philipines, i spent more time playing with one of the pilots dogs than anything else. the only down side was it was a bit cold, but i was young.