Virgin America new level of service


Discovered to my horror that I had booked a flight online from SFO to SJD on the wrong day. Call VA to see what can be done. I’m logged into their website and looking at 2 seats on the day I was supposed to fly. On the phone the rep says there are no cabin seats available you have to book the main cabin select seat at $400 x 2. I said I’m looking at the available seats and there are two left. She keeps telling me that’s not the case, and oh by the way, there’s also a $100 x 2 fee to change the reservation. Ask for a supervisor, 10 minutes on hold when I realize I can start over without any “help”. So a chance for them to get $1000 more from me to fly on a different day.

I go back to their website and it shows no seats avail. Wait 15 minutes, clear all the cookies out of my browser, go back in and there are the seats again. Book a one way to go with my mistimed round trip. It cost me $300, (my bad) but at least a $200 change res fee avoided.

The main cabin select seat doesn’t seem to be worth $400 more than the regular fare (Reserved overhead storage free drinks (I think) and get on the plane earlier?).


flew with them from SFO to PDX the other day. I like the lights and black leather


yes I have used airlines many a time. They have nice lights