How is United's First Class Domestic Service?


I was wondering this because i was considering paying the extra money to fly to SAN and didn’t really know how the service is and is it worth it. Who is the best American airline for First Class service? Does UAL rank up there? And does UAL still treat you good for short flights in First Class?


NOT AMERICAN! United is very nice. Havn’t flown united. If your gonna fly first class, pick a large plane. Business is just as good if your on a large plane. Remember LARGE PLANE!


No, remember SMALL PLANE, as in Gulfstream V or Challenger 600 or Falcon 900.

Any of those would be better than 1st class on an airline. Of course, there is the little problem of a *slightly *higher air fare than the airlines.


On the United P.S. routes (LAX-NYC and SFO-NYC), it’s fantastic.

On the rest, it’s “meh.”


There is one flight daily from SFO to ORD that is a 747. That is probably not bad.


It’s not too bad except he’s going to SAN. There are connecting flights between SAN and SFO. Going to SAN he’d connect to a 735 and on the return it’s a 320.

It’s also over an hour connecting time in SFO.


I would have killed for over an hour at DFW. Had a terminal change and you have to take the tram which takes forever. I would stay with coach unless you have sky miles. Upgrade with sky miles but I wouldn’t pay the extra in a 737 or an A320.


United’s first class on a 3 cabin aircraft is not bad, the sleeper seats are nice for a long haul.

United first on a 2 cabin aircraft are business class seats on a 3 cabin aircraft.


Exactly why I said to go with the BIG planes. :laughing:


But on such a relatively short flight from ORD to anywhere in the 48 mainland state, why would you want or need a sleeper sleet?


I say coach is the way to go.


I can’t speak for United’s 1st class. I got to ride 1st on a USAirways flight many moons ago. The whole time I was thinkin’, “People actually pay over $1,000 for THIS???” :unamused:

  1. The seat was considerably wider than coach, but there wasn’t any noticeable difference in legroom.
  2. The meal was served with REAL silverware and little salt & pepper shakers.
  3. After the meal, I got a hot towel to re-humidify face
  4. The little people in coach DID look at me differently :stuck_out_tongue:

Boeing7475500 said it best:

I say coach is the way to go.

Save your money for three or for trips instead of the one…
Again, that was my experience with USAirways.


I agree that a sleep seat on a flight within the 48 is a bit much, but there are folks that like them and will pay top $ for them.


Business people. Or people that are like my uncle and use miles to upgrade.


I agree with Boeing7475500. First class is worth considering only on big planes. In an A320 or 737 you just get a little bit of a wider seat. Not worth the extra money unless your rich.


Now I’m flying United on Wed in first class from PIT-ORD. I have never flown that short of a flight in first. What do they do for you?


They’ll board you first, and I think the flight attendants will actually * SMILE * for you, but that’s only if they’re having a good day. Seeing how the airline turned a profit this quarter, I’d say a lot of them will be happy that things are looking up for them! Then they’ll serve you a drink while the plane loads. You’ll probably have the best-looking attendant of the lot, but not necessarily so. That’d be about all I’d expect…


You might get a snack! American even gave snacks to the coach section! But this is United and I havn’t flown them in like three years.


I have flown 1st class from SJU to PHL last Dec. on US Air in a A330. Seats were nice and comfortable and plenty of leg room. Near full recline was available and entertainment system was top notch. Flight attendants were horrible and someone had the nerve to spring for a seat for a crying infant…
Now that they are doing their “First Up” promo, if you get there early enough, you can buy your way into 1st class for around $200 on longer flights.

Much better experience than coach was on the way down and I didn’t mind paying for the upgrade because we traveled on award tickets on the way down.