American VS United


If you are flying domestic economy in the U.S. Who do you think provides better service? American or United.


United wins hands down…


Any reasons?





Better fares on domestic and international flights. Partially due to their more extensive international codeshares.

Better service to the place I fly the most (short RJ hop on United vs turboprop flight or long RJ flight on AA).


I’ve had baggage lost 2 of the last 3 times I’ve flown American.


United. Even though I fly American most of the time because they are about $200 cheaper out of KDAY.


It is funny, my wife and I saw an ad for United this past weekend and I commented to her that I had never flown them. She was surprised that I had never flown them. It basically boiled down to price and where I was flying. Out of Boston they always seemed to be higher priced or they never had flights or convenient flights to where I was going. I have also only flown NWA from BOS 2 times again for the above reasons.


I understand why James wouldnt like AA because he has lost baggage. But why is it that no one really doesnt like AA? There has to be a larger reason.


My reason for preferring UAL is the depolorable way AA treats their employees and what they did to STL…


UA without thinking about it.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love United Airlines because of channel 9 (listen to the cockpit radio). I’m not a pilot, airline employee and don’t fly that much, but I’ve always had a fascination with planes. “United 206, go to 370 for traffic.” I know what’s happening! No frequent flyer miles on AA for me, so I don’t fly it.


I’ll expand on mine…

American Baggage

Just after we grabbed our bags after returning from SFO, there was a TON and I mean a TON of black, non removable grease, all over them. These are light grey bags. There were four in all. We also just bought these bags because our other ones were practically in two. We take them up to the counter and the “baggage damage consultant” was called over. She looked at them and classified the grease stains as “normal wear and tear”. I have no idea how that is considered normal wear and tear. She said that the airline will not reimburse us. Even if they did considering fixing them, the bags would have to be shipped out to their hub in DFW. Who knows how long that will take and whose to say that its just not going to happen again?


Lots of great reasons and alot of disscussion on this topic. One reason i dont like UAL is the equipment they use for domestic flights. 733 and 735 just dont really appeal to me. And if thats not the worst they have stupid economy plus wich to me is just a joke. Most of their boeings have outdated ugly interior and i think they are uncomfortable. I like americans MD80’s just seem more roomier and comfortable to me. I dont like how they do stick you in some dumb tiny planes like emb. 140 on 2 hour flights.


I, persoanlly, like United better. However, I can say that United really needs to get new 733’s and 735’s. They are very outdated. I really like there p.s. flights.



AA just pissed me off about 5 years ago, except for when I had to fly them for business (not by choice), I don’t fly them. When AA decided to abruptly pull their service from BFL (we are talking literally 2 weeks notice to BFL, which passed it on through the local paper), they did NOT contact customers that had already booked a flight from LAX to BFL. I just happened to call their customer service line and argued with a basic rep for 45 minutes, her supervisor for 30 mintues, and then another supervisor for another hour or so to get them to rebook my (at the time) fiance on another airline (funny, it was United) from LAX to BFL. They actually had the balls to tell me to drive down to LAX DURING THE WEEK WHEN NORMAL PEOPLE WORK and pick her up. Mind you that LAX is a good 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive, one way. AA just flat out refused to rebook my wife. It took ME putting them on hold, calling our family lawyer, doing a conference call with AA and threatening them with a lawsuit, which would possibly turn into a class action suit, before they helped us out.

What is sad is that this (AA) is the same airline I used to love because when I was in college, they had a BFL-DFW flight early in the morning, and they would let me give up my seat on my DFW-TUL flight multiple times in the same day to rack up the vouchers. Usually, the gate attendant would ask me how much I already had racked up, and when I got around $800-$1000, she would tell me (nicely) that it was time to head to Tulsa.

What the hell happened to them?


New 733s and 735s? Hardly. If they want to replace the -300s, they’ll have to get the -700, which is a more efficient version of the same size. As far as the -500s, I think UAL would order E-190s before spending $$ on a heavier plane with about the same capacity. Don’t forget, they fly quite a few A319s and 320s as well, so there’s no rush to order new 737s. I’d guess that they’ll wait until the next generation 737 (whatever the # may be) details and schedule are revealed once Boeing concentrates on it after the 787 enters mainstream production.


I was an AA fan until they pulled their regional service from SBN. I still will occasionally drive to ORD when the fare savings justifies travel by car, fuel and parking, which is usually on family vacation flights when I’m purchasing multiple tickets. But when traveling alone, I take whatever airline out of SBN is offering the best fare to my destination. SBN still has CO, DL, UA and NW as choices with direct flights to hubs at CLE, ORD, DTW, MSP, ATL and CVG. I have over 100,000 fequent flyer miles with AA, so I’ll probably use them up and then decide which carrier will get me next frequent flier business.


New I think UAL would order E-190s before spending $$ on a heavier plane with about the same capacity.

UAL is limited by Scope. They cant have any 190’s unless UAL pilots fly them…


Excuse my ignorance, but what is “Scope”. (All I could do was to rule out the mouthwash :wink: )