Think seats are crowded now


lookie what the Airline Seat MFGs have come up with … 0_ST_N.htm


To be honest, that seat looks more comfortable than the standard airline seat. My biggest issue has never been leg room so much as width. It seems seats keep getting narrower and narrower (I am not that large a guy), that I am way too chummy with whoever is next to me.

As for those airlines proposing standing passengers on a flight, have they not seen all the injury reports from unbelted passengers and flight attendents due to turbulence. Even a moderately rough landing would put a lot of people on the floor. Just plain stupid if you ask me.


“For flights anywhere from one to possibly even up to three hours … this would be comfortable seating,” he says. “The seat … is like a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in the saddle.”

Really!? I, for one, would prefer a more comfortable seat than a saddle to fly in. Although it might be a good idea for me to sit in it for awhile before I start judging it. . .


They can reduce the legroom with these seats but they will need to get the aircraft they are installed on recertified if they want to carry more people.

737-800 is certified for 189 pax. if they put these very uncomfortable looking seats in the -800 and reduce the legroom to 23 inches, they are still only going to be able to get 189 passengers.


Ideas like this come up pretty regularly.

The problem is that the aircraft aren’t certified to carry any more passengers than they currently are.

The quote at the end sums it up nicely: “While it’s not impossible, it’s difficult to conceive of a standing seat that would be able to meet all applicable FAA requirements and still be cost-effective.”


Without these seats on the market there’s no motivation to. And it’d be rather hard to without saddle seas.


I guess this guys out of luck…

Perfect idea for those annoying little brats :smiling_imp:


You should be setting in seat E when one of those in D is also in A. LOL, I have been there, and on a full plane, it is really interesting. Glad I had an opportunity to fly Jumpseat (and yes, that is true).

Only problem with this idea, those bins are not sound proof or water tight… But I love the idea!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: