Seating advice.

Ok, I just found about of this website that tells you what seat on an airliner are the best. It also tells you things such as power ports and things of that nature. Here is the link.

Just select the aircraft and airline you will be flying on.

Ya, I use guru too. I wouldn’t be surprized if others in the Gang of Eight know about it. :unamused:

I knew about it and it’s been mentioned here in a couple of topics. Interesting site.

Well I already picked my seats for my flights and I lucked out according to guro.

Don’t go blabbing about it! The fewer people who know about the site, the better for those of us who already know!

True, very true!

Chalk this “gang” member up as a “yeah.” It’s a pretty swell site, but the couple of times I’ve flown since learning of the site, I’ve completely forgotten to look up my seats first. :blush: (They were on a 712, so it wasn’t that big of a mystery).

The trouble is you have to know about the “except for” s involved in airline mergers. :imp:

Say I book through US Airways to go from PIT to Houston. US sends me by way of CLT where I am transferred to an “America West” flight (they do not tell you this when you buy the ticket) operated by MESA. The aircraft type (CRJ-200) is not advertised and I find out UPON BOARDING that my standard size “carry-on” (it will be OK for “real” airplanes like 733 or 4’s or the like) must be left at the aircraft door to be LITTERALLY THROWN (or dropped) down to the ground and packed in the baggage compartment. Upon arrival, you have to wait for the bag handlers to carry all the would-be carry-ons back up the stairs into the jetway to claim them. So there is a mob of passengers blocking the jetway at the aircraft door waiting for their “carry-on”.

The Mesa CRJ-200 is a cattle car with the narrowest of seats and aisle. The windows do not line up with the seats so to look out you have to scrunch forward and at that half the window is blocked by the seat in front of you. So a flight from CLT to Houston (or back) is misery.

If I go to guru and look at “America West” it does not show the CRJ-200 and Mesa is not on the airway list. So with the US Airways America West Mesa connection, good luck. Never again.

Well, first of all, US Air and America West are slowly becoming the same thing in terms of fleet interoperability. You said that you didn’t know that you were flying America West, so in looking at your flights just knowing that it was a CRJ you should’ve been able to find it under US Air. (IE you booked with US Air, so I would’ve looked under US Air!)

To find out which plane you’re flying on, when you go to book a flight click on the “View Details” link on the particular leg to see what plane is scheduled to fly that route. It doesn’t mean it isn’t subject to change but you should be able to get a good idea.

On a side note, I got screwed over by NWA last year regarding seat selection. I buy my Thanksgiving/Christmas tickets early (Think June-July), and when it’s exactly 90 days before the flight I get on there and choose my seats. At the time of booking we were scheduled to be on a A321; about two months later they downgraded it to a A320 and my row, which was general coach on the A321, was now an exit row and I got booted to the back of the plane. I complained about both flights; they gave me better seats on the Thanksgiving trip but not the Christmas trip (they were bumped at different times so I had different support reps). Something to keep in mind.

I’m surprised damiross didn’t let us know that
the -500 is not covered by seatguru.

Nobody asked. Looking at the page, though, I noticed the -700 isn’t shown, either. But, all you have to do is use the -300 because the seating is the same.