ERJ 170 and 175

Are the Erj 170 or 175 roomy planes. What are you opinions? I’m going to be flying one and would like to know something about them.

Where is you sense of adventure? To quote Nike…“JUST DO IT”

Hey when I travel don’t want to be cramped and pushed up against the side of the plane. I alreadly bought the tickets and picked my seats and i’m really looking forward to flying on an aircraft that I have never flown on. Besides Nike Sucks, DC’s are what I rock. So I take it you haven’t flow on one because you didn’t help me at all.

“Roomy” is subjective. What may be roomy to one person is another person’s claustrophobia. I find WN, at 32" seat pitch, to be very roomy yet a giant* may find it cramped.

*Definition: Giant: Anyone who is taller than the ideal height of 5’6"

Well, as I’m a foot taller than that “ideal” I guess I fall into the category of giant.

ALL coach airline seats are claustrophobically cramped.



Well my height is about 5ft 7in so do you think it would be a nice fit? I think i will look for pictures on

It depends quite a bit on the airline, so use SeatGuru to see the layout based on airline :slight_smile:

I looked on it looks to be roomy.

I concur. If my knees AREN’T touching the seat in front of me, you can bet I’ve spent a $fortune$ on my tix. I’m 6’3", and any poor sap who sits in front of me won’t be reclining much during the flight. And anyone who tries will have hell to pay for it! :smiling_imp:

Actually, I have flown on each of them. Like my good conservative, policically incorrect, friend damiross pointed out, roomy is a subjective term based on your size. This is why those good computer geeks in the world gave us As far as looking forward to flying on a new type of aircraft, just jump on, strap yourself in, and go. Discover for yourself what YOU think. I know a lot of people who HATE the old AA Saab 340b. I loved it when flying by myself. There are a ton of people that LOVE Cessnas, I can’t stand them. I am a Piper guy. I would rather finish my lessions in an Archer and do my HA/HP in either my FIL Malibu or a Turbo Arrow.

My whole point of asking where your sense of adveture waas 75% smart a$$, 25% “go find out for yourself and come to your own conclusion.” I will say I was in a partially bad mood yesterday after seeing a couple features on TV about the lack of ambition in kids today and hearing the parents and what they said just pissed me off. I will say, you asking about US Airways and these aircraft just caught me at a bad time. HOWEVER…I do stand by what I just explained because people need to get their own opinion ON THEIR OWN, without the pre-experience influence of others.