ERJ145 aircraft


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It was simply a reply to my not understanding of your previous message, it appeared that you were simply echoing my statement.


In case anyone really cares about ERJ’s, I work with them every day and would be glad to share. I think the ERJ is a really great airplane.


I flew on a Chatauqua ERJ-145. Not the best for taller people like me but I managed.


I love the ERJ-145 I love having my own seat and not have some person try to talk to me the whole time were on the plane (then you miss WHY you fly) Now I’m only 5ft7in so I fit pretty nice in them. Just a great plane to fly on, PLUS one of my favorite airlines has a HUGH fleet of them. CONTINENTAL EXPRESS.


I also like the erj-145,but Im short,If I were a taller person perhaps I would have a problem with it,i also like to have the A seat to myself.To me they are more comfy than the crj-200.


YES they are more comfy then a tight space crj-200.


Wow that’s amazing that it took less than 20 replies for someone to actually answer the question that was asked. Before you know it this forum will become as political with all the back biting just like

To answer the original question I really like the ERJ-145. It’s much more comfortable than the CRJ-200 and as dumb as it sounds I like the way they look.


Had the 145 on 3 of 4 flights this past weekend (TUL-IAH-BHM & back). Wasn’t anything exciting. Had the A seat first leg, wasn’t impressed because of the curvature of the fuselage killed the leg space on the left. other legs had C. Again, nothing exciting.


1)I don’t know if this forum could be even HALF as political as if it tried.
2)There’s nothing dumb about liking the way a plane looks. One of my all-time favorites is a 727-200, and I was never wowed beyond belief with its comfort or any other particular feature from a passenger standpoint, but man, does she look sharp taxiing onto the ramp!!
BTW: I agree, the Embraers look much sleeker and more sophisticated than the CRJs. Maybe it’s the “corporate-looking” nose. :smiley:


You do have good taste, Planeaholic! The 727-200 is one of the greatest looking jets around!


Are you forgetting about the Concorde!?!


Not forgetting about the Concorde. However, the 727-200 looks great flying, taking off, landing, or just sitting. The Concord looks great only on takeoff and in flght.