CRJ700 Aircraft


Opinions… :question:


…are like assholes.

Everybody’s got one and everyone is certain that everyone else’s stinks!


We may at all at some time resemble that remark. :wink: :smiley:



Are we unanimous in that?


Sure. A wise man once told me, “The sun rises and falls in the crack of my ass.”


That wise man…was he really wise? :question: Or, am I missing something here? :question: I can not remember the last time the sun has shined on the crack of my ass. :unamused: I am willing to bet real money, that I have made an ass of myself more often then the sun has shined on my posterior!!! :wink: That said, I do try and not make a fool of myself (rather embarrassing) and try to improve on my past mistakes (if nothing else, I try not to make the same mistakes again and learn from others). :open_mouth:


I’m sorry, I cannot think of a reply, my eyes hurt too much, were you saying something? All I can recall is “BLUE” and something about smilies (“emoticons”).


Gives a whole new meaning of “Blinded by the light.”



The fact I’m wise enough to have cfijames as a son is sufficient proof in and of itself. :wink:


So is anyone going to type about what they think of the CRJ-700?? I have never flown on one I have only been on the CRJ-200 and the CRJ-600 I didn’t really care for them because the window was to far infront so I have to stretch my neck and it’s really crowded haveing 2 seats in a row on both sides of the plane.


No. I believe the unspoken consensus is to not reward the OP’s rude assault on the Forum with an on-topic response.


WOOPS DARN IT I didn’t know that only if you would have told me 5min ago then I wouldn’t have said what I think about the ERJ-145 :blush:


You can always edit it.


I sure can - it was just last weekend at the Sequoians.

Great place to spend the weekend!


I was waiting for that David!
(kinda chilly this weekend though, no?)


Not really - the club has hills on three sides that keep the heat in. I usually end up staying in the shade because it gets too hot.

By the way, if anybody comes to the Bay Area and would like to check out the Sequoians, just let me know.