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boeing 777

is it just me or does the Boeing 777 aircraft have the most beautiful sound as it flys over your head[/quote]

It’s you

You forgot this selection,
5. None of the above

All of your choices are nothing but aluminum tubes, buses for the masses.
Real airplanes have two wings and round engines, that don’t burn kerosene!

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Behave yourself. Neither your attitude nor language are appreciated.

If you can’t conduct yourself like an adult, go somewhere else.

You asked a question and received an answer, you have no cause to complain.

you were.rude and.disrespectful

Actually, no. You were. Try a little grammar and punctuation too. While I’m at it have mommy and daddy book a trip to Washington, DC and go to the second level of the NASM. Stare at the Wright Flyer and The Spirit of St. Louis. THOSE are beautiful airplanes.

How can you have best sounds from 4 different aircraft? You should be able to choose only one.

Yes, real airplanes make noise from either round engines. I think the best sounds come from aircraft that have spinning things on the outside of the engine.

Hell Yes!

Hypnotic isn’t it!

can’t wait until this poll is over you guys wine to much go get a pacifier!!!

*whine *too

Good day.

I can’t wait til mummy or daddy take your keyboard away…

Maybe you should learn how to deal with people that disagree with what you believe. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them “trolls” or rude and disrespectful.

nahhhh people I like this in real life

English, please… English…

see what I mean rude and disrespectful



vs Merlin:


Actually, it would be rude a disrespectful if I told you what I really thought of you but I haven’t done that. The fact that you know neither the definitions of the words “rude” or “disrespectful” should be very telling to me that I’m tilting at windmills, but I just can’t help it… My request as just been to stop abusing the English language, if at all possible.

Don’t be afraid to add periods or capitalize letters; I am typing this on a sub-par iPod keyboard and I don’t find it too hard to keep proper grammar. Being rude and disrespectful is what you did at the start of your pointless thread when you lashed out and called someone a “douche”. Have fun ever posting anything in the FA forum ever again without getting crap about it, you really pissed people off.

Also, I like the droning sound of the British Airways 777 as it flies over my house every night as BA272 SAN-LHR.

I think he is in training to be a liberal when he grows up. You know - the ones who believe in diversity and everyone has a right to his/her own opinion unless the person disagrees with it.

This posting brought to you by the David Libertarian Group - a large group of exactly 1 person.