Great Pictures


Here’s one for you fan’s of the 60’s
Old B727-23


I just see the aircraft ID trail and hear the awesome sound from those engines. Nothing like the smell of jet fuel in the morning!!


Also nothing like global warming form machines like that. But I’m no hippi but looking at the exhust it makes me glad that we have new technology for planes in the present day.


A real jet! The 727 has got to be one of the most graceful looking jets around, especially the 200 series.


Funny thing is that if it were not for all those con-trails reflecting sunlight back into space, that Earth would be much warmer because of the green house effect caused in part by all the CO2 and water vapour contained in said con-trails.



Here’s an old smokin’ DC-8. I’m glad they cleaned up the exhaust problem.


Nothing like the old low-bypass water-injection engines burning some dinosaurs. I just wish I had been alive to see them in such common use. I guess I was just born 30 years too late. :wink:


Like the old F-4 Phantoms these aircraft were collectively known as CACs (Clean Air Converters) and the smoke plume was actually the result of unburned fuel and/or a water/methanol mix injected into the engines for thrust augmentation. Plus, they weren’t very efficient engines to begin with, we’re talking about a time ('60s) when oil averaged under $3 a barrel.

The DC-8 used the same Pratt & Whitney JT3Cs as the 707, B-52, F-100, F-101, F-102, U2, etc., etc. and they all smoked like that on takeoff.