Chemtrail tracker courtesy of FlightAware?


I have downloaded your app in hopes of identifying which airlines are spraying chemicals into the air at any given time.

Do you have any suggestions for me. I am having a hard time grasping which plane is where on my local map.


Also, does anyone else want to start documenting this in their neighborhood as well?


Oh boy, time to break out the tinfoil hats… :open_mouth:

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I’m too concerned about the black helicopters in whisper mode hovering at night over my backyard… not to mention the fact that Bigfoot and Nessie regularly camp out on my back porch and in my pool, respectively…

You forgot to mention that DB Cooper rents that spare room of yours. :wink:

The answer is none.

DAMN YOU! You’ve hacked my home security system too!!!

Wow. Are you seriously telling me that an admitted geoengineering program of spraying chemicals in the air qualifies for tin hat material.

Keep huffing. I can see it is doing wonders for you…

There truly is no hope with idiots like you.

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You are either part of the problem, blind to the problem, or you are working for the people who created the problem.

Amazing that some of you are actually pilots and somehow still use Saul Alinsky tactics of mock, ridicule, slander, and divert when all the information is right in front of you.

Thanks for letting me see quickly that it is time to leave you fools to yourself. … ts%20.html

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Sir - I am not a pilot…not even close (but have driven a few planes)…anyways…I dont trust the Govt in the least, even more so with the current leadership. I do however have some friends who are “high up”…one being the actual man who flew the F14 in the movie Top Gun (one of them - currently he is an MD). My father owned a company who made parts for the Space Shuttle as well as other craft such as the SR71. I live in a city where Aerospace is huge and top secret things are common place at companies such as Hamilton / Sundstrand, Woodward Governor and on and on (and I have friends in low places). My best friend is a crew chief at PNAS for the Blue Angels…and another friend works ATC at a local airport. I have asked…and got the same response (even when highly intoxicated on their part)

While it was semi-easy to keep “top secret” things top secret years ago (the F117 a great example, but the owner of Testors model company, oddly in the same city did get into trouble in the late 80’s)…in the modern day of the internet and whistle blowers it is just implausible. If the craft you question were all military I would be on your side - but, the level of cover that would be needed for the CIA to pull of publicly owned aircraft on open runways to put out these purported spystreams…someone would have talked.

Does big brother listen to our phone calls and read Facebook? Sure as hell they do…do they pay United to spread a chemical in the air…nope.

And your link does not work…must be “the man” man…

It does if its properly rendered,

But getting there is small improvement over remaining ignorant of the racist conspiracy babblings of an obviously sick mind as presented on that website.

Unless one actually appreciates having the secrets of the Illuminati and New World Jewish Order being exposed, in which case go there in all haste.

And stay there!

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Yes, but the TOS does not allow me to post them.

Get help.

I see supposition. I see no proof. But, of course, you and facts are the real problem…

I saw this back in 2011, started off as a cloudless day, then this small black jet made this…
Then a double sun halo as the layer thickened into a solid cloud deck about two hours later,
What was it? I don’t know and I don’t care.
Just keepin the train moving :laughing:

Wow, chemtrails have never made any sense to me, what is it that people are so paranoid about? Also, if you’re going to freak out about imginary stuff in the sky, why not just go looking for ufos, they are much more interesting.


It’s funny how the people who say that the government has successfully kept a giant mind-control conspiracy under wraps for decades are the same people who decry government for being completely incompetent.

I never fully understood the motive to actually spray chemicals at that altitude… just wondering why.

Also - that star pic above is an excellent example of a VOR or waypoint passage! Great pic!

Oh god, they’re invading flightaware now…

Yep. Every so often we get to listen to some chemtrail craziness. Feel free to pick your favorite conspiracy theory to discuss here!