I live just due south of KKNB, Kanab, Utah, right below a VERY frequently used MTR. . .usually west to southeast, NOE. I am wondering if/why the aircraft contrails I see are not on my Flight Aware map? The other commercial flights match up very well, as I can I.D. those going over from Sky Harbor to SLC and the like.

Anyone have some additional 411 on this?



One possible reason is military flights are not tracked.


Look into finding out if the Chemtrailers are tracked?


I have identified numerous chemtrailers along the J75 airway over Washington, DC. They APPEAR as regularly scheduled airline flights, and sometimes as private business jets (but not so often).

Strange… what do they do with the pax and planes that the chemtrailers are replacing?


I used to be a pilot that flew the “chemtrail” flights.
I would tell you more but then black Tahoes full of Gov Types would arrive at your place.


They would be at your place too friend. Many think Chemtrails are involved as weather manipulation, but never consider it being part of the H.A.A.R.P earthquake maker. I’m thinking it’s a pretty key ingredient to thicken the atmosphere when dealing with vibrations, especially the metals part seeing as it’s a billion watt microwave that they’re playing with!


The stupid…it burns…




Apologies to all other members of the forum.
I posted what I thought was an obvious tongue in cheek mockery of the chemtrail people.

I had severely misjudged the number of synaptic firings within the cranium of Cryinthabluze2u and actually put fuel on the small burning fire within his head.

Please forgive me on this thread and the UFO seen thread.

WOW this one is as bad as meekRN.


I certainly hope not. That was one seriously disturbed dude!


:laughing: you think he’s a relative of Meek? :laughing: :laughing: omg the things that get attracted to this place!!


Bad? no. Disturbed? maybe. Uninformed is one of the things I most definetly am not. The synapses do fire, at a higher frequency than most. 185-I thought you were close, and if you signed a secrecy act I dont blame you for your statements. I was looking for intelligence, that notices things-that shouldnt be there, and is closer to the action that I. Maybe your windows are too small, or your computers are typing for you, but you guys should do some research. You have noticed something though-the atomic structure of aluminum does allow it to get hot with certain frequencies, but have you tried all the metals? Research is key, if you only follow what youre told it’s about as bad as building a nation by destroying history. If you keep up and read your windows will get bigger. I wanted to talk here because i thought I would get experiences instead of insults, but I know the past, and see it in most of the present. History is being made at this moment and if you don’t catch up to it you’ll be left behind


Well, write when you find work where ever you are going.


got plenty of work, and its nice to make your own hours