Chemtrail Believer Uses FlightAware


There is YouTube user by the name of MITech2612097 who think he has found the perfect way to track “chemtrail planes”.
He has made a YouTube Video titled “FAA to FLIGHT AWARE… How to track Chemtrail planes…” it can be found here

Now it you are not familiar with Chemtrail believers let me explain, they are a small but very vocal group of misguided individuals that claim that the condensation trails that you see from jets are in reality the government (or some other entity) spraying nefarious chemicals on a unsuspecting and unknowing public. Now these chemtrail believers may be few in number but they make up for that by posting video after video on YouTube all as “proof” of the “chemtrail spraying” IN short, they are very ardent in there paranoid delusional beliefs and no about of reason, facts ect will sway then back to reality

But of interest to FlightAware users, one of the tin foil hat chemtrail believers now thinks he has the perfect way to find and track “chemtrail Planes” AND he thinks he has found “proof” of “chemtrail Planes” on flightaware Just take a look of his videos of flightaware and what he concludes from these videos

FAA to FLIGHT AWARE… How to track Chemtrail planes…Weather modification inc.

Nebraska Chemtrail MESS on

Chemtrail Plane N340FR Modesto, CA :Weather Modification Inc. on Jan 23 2012



Who cares? Let him and his ilk rant on.

You can’t fix stupid, not even with duct tape!


He’s really not helping his cause by moving Fargo from North Dakota to South Dakota.

Yes, it can. Place tape over mouth of person and it disallows speaking of said person.


I’d go with foil speed tape…it’d match his dunce cap

I guess when John Redcorn is curing your wife’s headaches there’s nothing better to do than kill bugs or create conspiracies.


That won’t cure the underlying stupidity, it will just prevent the dissemination of same.


I LOVE those guys. I ask them if they knew the “spraying” goes all the way to WWII. I’ll bet the 8th Air Force really showed the Germans what spraying was all about.

Pilot to crew, commence spraying. Yes I know it makes us so easy to find by the enemy fighters, but our mission really is to modify the weather.

At least the Cessna 340 actually was trying to modify the weather. :slight_smile:


My 90 year old grandmother listens to some guy on the radio late at night who pushes this whole weather modification. She knows I’m into aviation and aircraft so she always goes off on her rant saying I’m covering up for the government. Ok grandma, it’s time to lay off the Metamucil and Geratol.

But as with the duct tape, you can put it over their mouth and tape their hands so they can’t type and post to the internet. Problem solved.