CRJ or ERJ...

I half to go with CRJ’s. I like the CRJ-900

So you go half with the CRJ’s. The other half is ERJ’s, right?

Seeing that Bombardier has been in a world of hurt for the past few years, I would definitely have to say Embraer. Bombardier pretty much dwindled away to near nothing, had to launch and re-launch the CSeries 2 times already (the project is finally rolling), and Embraer has beaten them to the punch in the battle for the sub-100 seat regional aircraft market and then some with the EJets. More fuel-efficient, more comfortable, and a better looking aircraft overall.

E170/E175 all the way.


You got the point though. :slight_smile:

Both are “Barbie jets”

I go fully with the JungleJets.

I’ve flown on both ERJ-145’s and CRJ-200’s many times on business trips. The CRJ looks too generic, and dull… plus the 2X2 seating is a bit uncomfortable on those longer than regional flights (i.e. KXNA-KLAX on an AE CRJ-700… had to include the -700 since the seating arrangement is the same.) The ERJ on the other hand looks more stylish, it is quieter, more versatile, comes with or without winglets, and the 1X2 seating is much more comfortable if you happen to fly alone. Embraer’s lineup isnt the same looking jet, they offer more variety in the design of their a/c where as Bombardier’s different jets are just stretched versions of eachother.

I don’t mind the E-190, All the rest can go away.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Compass Airlines upgrading to the E-190 for flights such as KMEM-KLIT, or Air Tran and Allegiant Air introducing the E-190 on some of their routes.

I think they should get more ERJ’s just because of the safety record… But I like looks of the CRJ. Rather have an ugly safe jet than an good lookin unsafe jet.

True, but in my opinion the ERJ’s are FAR from ugly. Bombardier’s junk is all the same. I wouldn’t walk out to my front yard to see a CRJ-1000 fly over but I’d go to the airport to shoot photos all day of the ERJ-190. I’m SOO biased. :unamused:

…Hopefully when I complete my ratings I’ll have the oppertunity to fly one, if so I’ll be sure to let you know how they fly. :wink:

So, you’re saying the CRJ is unsafe? Evidence please.

Embraer had its day in court too my freind…some of you may remember back when PBA was around, in the mid 80s, they flew an Embraer Twin Turbo prop, out of MIA and Jax I believe, they picked up a bad rep for some time due to several crashes due to catastrophic structural failure (elevator falling off immediately after t/o, in the climb phase), do any of you remember any of this? I dont remember the model. But the name Brasillia comes to mind…

I’ve been to CYUL several times in the last year and I see new Lear, challanger, and barbie jets on the Bombardier ramp

Where I live… it’s RJ hell. AE brings in jungle jets, pinnacle brings in the soda can of the CRJ and occasionaly its “refreshing” to see a Saab from Mesaba. KXNA is the same way all RJ’s with the exception of AA MD-80’s and Allegiant MD-87’s

sometimes it gets old seeing ERJ’s out of KIAH every now and then a 737 comes over. About once every two weeks or so a heavy comes over. Maybe a 753, or a 772, and possibly a 744.

Need to check the airport more often. IAH has the aircraft you mentioned quite a few times each WEEK, not every two weeks or so.

Ahh yes, the E120s. The Brasilias, in my opinion are very rickety, and I wouldn’t trust them. I had my reservations with flying an E145XR until I flew on one with BTA. Until then, my only experience with any RJ was with a CRJ200 from ASH, and it wasn’t a very good experience, especially with my SO having to bring her guide dog with.

I did, however, have the pleasure of flying DEN-SDF on RPA’s E175, and enjoyed the entire ride. Very well put together plane, very comfortable, very QUIET, and all around, a very beautiful jet. Best landing I’ve ever had, and that was into a storm at SDF. I’d recommend an EJet ( there is a difference between an EJet and ERJ) anytime. If the CSeries ever emerges from vaporware, I’d give that a shot too. But definitely the EJets.


The Brasilia is not “rickety”.

In fact it is one of the safest and most reliable 30 seat props ever built and many of the ones in service are less than 15 years old.

That’s not to say that the Saab and Dash 8 are bad aircraft either. The Saab is a little less economical but more rugged.

I enjoyed my only 2 flights on a E120. Granted, it was only about a 20 minute flight each way (LAX-ONT-LAX) but it seemed pretty good to me. Took the winds at ONT fairly decently.