Battle of the RJ's 2

Please state why and be honest.
i.e design, comfort etc…

competitors listed in manufacturer’s alphabetical order.

CRJ because it looks cool as hell.

I mostly fly NWA and their CRJ fleet is rather new, clean, comfortable and familiar. I have not been a fan of Continental or American RJs.

Keeping in mind that the ERJs are not the eJets, I’d have to say the EJets. having flown BTA’s E145X and ASH’s CRJ200, both of those are VERY cramped and hard to move around in. The E145X was a smoother ride than the CRJ as well, but just a very cramped experience.

However, flying RPA’s E170, it was not only a very smooth ride, but it felt like a B737 and A320 on that ride. very smooth, and not only did it not feel like you’re on a regional jet, it didn’t LOOK like you were on a regional jet. Plus given the range that an E190 or E195 would have (or even an Lineage 1000), I’d take the EJet over all of them.

Jury is still out on the CSeries, if it ever evolves from vapourware.


Can’t see how anyone would prefer the inital CRJ’s (or even the new ones in some cases) over anything else. Anyone that posesses shoulders or is above 5-0 should be able to attest to the cabin width and the window height.

I am a huge fan of Embraer… The ERJ-145 is fast, comfortable, and reliable. I love hearing those engines inflight, they actually sound in-sync.

Now the EMB 170 is amazing. Why the classify it as a regional, I will never understand. Its somewhat in between a regional and a main-line. I guess we can call them Chautauqua Mainline. (inside joke)

I am not knocking the CRJ at all, but it has a ways to go before it can play on the same level as an e-Jet.

Well, hang on there Joel… The ERJ-135/145 really isn’t all that fast with a max operating speed of .78M. And not as fast as the CRJ-100/200 with a high speed cruise of .81M. The CRJ-700/900 are real performers with their redesigned wing and more powerful/efficient GE CF-34-8’s.

Now the ERJ170/190 family are a good lookin, comfortable, get the job done, airplane.

I didn’t say the ERJ’s were the fastest, I just said they were fast. They clearly get the small hops done in a short period of time. What I do not agree with is the CoEx 145XRs that are used for those long hauls. No one should have to suffer in any small regional for those long periods of time.

Now the CRJ700/900 may have better aerodynamics and powerful engines, but they are not comfortable by any means to fly in. Unless you are under 5’7" and you do not mind stooping over to look out a window, then by all means, please enjoy this plane.

The CRJ does have its advantages, do not get me wrong. It can climb like a bat out of hell with no pax in it, but I’d prefer to have standing room and space when flying. What will be interesting is seeing the new C Series come out and be implemented into the airlines as they advance to newer regional airplanes.

Given the subject of the poll I took it as a comparison of the two that you were making regarding the speed.

I’m with you on the preference of the ERJ135/145 however. I like the roomier feeling of the 1+2 seating and that the seats are positioned properly to the windows, and that the windows are at a proper height. And to me the performance of the CRJ700/900 is its only redeeming value. For a 70-90 seat airliner…the ERJ 170/190 series airplanes win hands down.

Those CRJ-900s are so nice. I’ve flown FC twice (one of those times I was stuck on the taxiway for an hour) and they are very comfortable. I have never been on a BAe or an E-Jet so I can’t compare them.

None of the above.

I do like an aircraft that would be considered a regional jet if it was to come out today: the DC-9-10.

Definitely the BAE 146. Because it’s got FOUR engines. Not 2 or 3, but 4. It’s fat, slow, and looks like a British Bulldog. And it’s got four engines…

And it has an unmistakable howl when the flaps are in transition. :open_mouth:


I love it! I used to commute on the 146 often and they were all that!

I’m torn between the 146 and the E145.
The Northest/ Mesaba fleet of RJ85s were quite comfortable, and they were nicely laid out with the two cabin setup. They also had a lot of space, and you could stand up, while still being a relatively small plane.

The Embraer RJs look nicer, are faster, but are cramped.

The CRJ is plain ugly.
And I have never seen or flown the E jets… sounds like a more advanced version of the BAe146

Yup, my vote is for this, and for this reason. It’s an unusual little thing. I haven’t seen one since the 80’s, though. I used to fly Air Wisconsin—underr their own colors—in the late 80’s, from ORD to Muskegon, MI. Never flew one, but AW used to have a lot, as I remember. I was always on a Dash 7, which was also a treat for me. Another unusual 4-engine commuter, but in TP form.

ORD was a blast back then. :slight_smile:

Actually, the EJets look more like a B737 with an A320 exhaust tail than a BAe146:

E170-100 Star Alliance

E170-100 Frontier

E170 Cabin

E170 Cockpit

Twin Engine, FBW, glass cockpit, considerable range, very roomy. The E190 is just a stretched version of the E170, with the Lineage 1000 the bizjet model of the E190.


I have flown on CRJ200ER’s (OO) and an E145 (CHQ). They are both cramped and VERY tiny but I much prefer the E145. The windows are HUGE! They’re larger than any Airbus, Boeing, or MD window. Plus, a lot of the ERJ’s are new so their windows are clean, which is a great thing if you like pointing your camera out the window.

What shocks me is that the CRJ is winning the poll. I don’t know who voted here, but when this topic came up at, the only people who voted for the CRJ did so because it was the only RJet they had flown on. Virtually all of those who had ridden on both preferred the ERJ.

The Ejets sound like something that would be nice to ride in. Skywest and Horizon are my available choices. I am 6’2"/250 and one thing that hasn’t been mentioned about the CRJ’s and Dash-8’s is the seats. Besides being cramped, the seats are really small and hard … 1.5 hours max before the cramps start! :frowning:

Well, I didn’t vote for 200s, I voted for 900s.