NWA, embraer or canadair


I have heard about the development of Compass Airlines, a regional airline that will fly “76 seat aircraft” for Northwest Airlines. They were going to choose the embraer 170 or the canadair 700. Have they made that decision yet.


If they stay consistent with Northwest Airlink’s other carriers, they’ll go with the CRJ :angry: . One could assume they’re going to wait to see just what happens to mainline Northwest before going a whole lot further into development. This time next year, they could be evolving into a regional carrier for another airline altogether if NWA is devastated or even forced to fold after the possible FA strike.


I thought Compass was the LCC that NW spun off as part of a deal with their pilots. It’d be stupid to go with EMB simply because Compass is going to share the pilot pool with Northwest/Airlink, who are already certified for CRJs. Why spend time retraining them?


NWA bought Independence Air’s certificate and renamed it Compass. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Air


Did anyone buy their (Independence’s) CRJs yet? How convenient would that be?


How are the ERJ’s windows? I flew in a CRJ2 in late July and found that I had crank my neck around and down to look out the window at the wing behind me. I wasn’t that far in front and I’m only 5’7". I didn’t find the CRJs too cramped but I don’t think they’re very roomy either. Here is a picture at FL290. I went up to the flight deck before the flight and asked if the PIC would point out some of the major places we flew over. He told me that I wouldn’t see much because we would be in the clouds. I didn’t know he literally meant, in the clouds. The whole flight was either in the clouds (like below) or surounded by skyscraper could colums.



As far as I’m concerned the ERJ is a CRJ missing a row of seats and a row of overhead storage. I know, there are more differences than that, but as far as aesthetics (save the fact one side is filled with single seats) they’re the same.


The fact that the window placement was not perfect is different for each seat. There are more rows than there are windows, so the position of the windows is in a different place for each row.
I have a large quantity of interesting cloud pictures I’ve taken while working. It’s all interesting to me but my sisters and friends don’t seem to share my enthusiasm in seeing clouds and the right wing in all of my pictures.


I know exactly what you mean! My mother and brothers have NO excitement seeing lots of pictures like this one.

A319 departing MSO rwy 29. We’re about 60 seconds after takeoff. Downtown Missoula is below.



Chatauqua EMB-145 from DAY to STL.

Then the sunset from an MD-82. STL-SFO


Thats a nice sunset shot Boeing.
Heres one over the Long Island Sound


Ty it’s amazing how the sun can look!


Here’s my sunset shot (DL B763).

Here is a particle accelerator I flew over in NW1419 DC9-30 TVC-DTW

Open pit mine in Atlanta. It looked pretty cool from the air. The picture doesn’t look as good as it did from the air. DL517 MD88 DTW-ATL


both according to Wikipedia
CRJ 900
ERJ 175


Their flagships say (more correctly, “buy”) otherwise.


GREAT photos everyone!!! How do you attach pictures to a responce? :open_mouth:

Great sunset over Long Island Sound.


By posting a web link to the picture. I use Photobucket. See THIS thread. Please SEARCH the forum. It took me 15 seconds to pull up the thread!