Sun Country Airlines Fleet


Hello Everyone,

As you proabably know Sun Country was recently bought by the Peters Group and since then i have already seen a change with more flights to different places. My question is though, do you think Sun Country will continue to update its fleet. They only own 9 planes and the rest are leased form Transavia only for the winter months. I personally think Sun Country has something good going for them and should order more planes. I think they could even buy more than 737’s and give NW a run for there money at MSP. Do you think they will improve there fleet?


I hope so. I wont fly NWA, but I have not been flying Sun Country because times often dont work best, adding to the fleet would help them increase frequencies on some routes.

People I know who have flown them say there is no comparison to Northwest


You said no comparison to NW. You mean they are much better or alot worse?


They are 10 times better. All employees are friendly, seats are comfortable, you get a hot meal, etc.

The only complaint I have heard is some return times. Its why I have not flown them, getting back at 12:15 AM doesnt work out that great for me or others; or in the past they have had some re-eye options, and those can be so much fun!


i noticed they had a lot of interesting flight times; they are sure getting there money’s worth of the airplanes, but i think they either need to offer more flights and less destinations, or grow their fleet. Having one-two flights a day is not convenient.

I hope they grow, i hate NWA.


Actually Sun Country only has 7 aircraft not including the Transavia hybrids for the winter. They will be getting two more this summer. The airline is growing at a controlled rate, slowly, but surely. They do not want to make the same mistakes that led to bankruptcy in 2001. Glad to hear there are some SCA fans on here.


First of all Sun Country is a great airline. I flown them out of the Humphrey Terminal at MSP many times. They had great fares until they went commercial, where they went up a bit. They’re still pretty good however. I think they’ll have to get more planes to keep up. I think a lot of people will want to fly with them because of their great service. If so, they will be a big competitor to NW.


Sun Country does not have a frequent flier program.


They will later this month.


I am 14 and don’t know a whole lot about planes (hoping to go downn the twisted road to a professional pilot can’t decide if business or airline. But thats not the point!) but I do know that SunCountry is going to give NWA a run for their money in the future ONLY if SunCountry makes good decisions I think that expanding their fleet wouldn’t hurt them but as long as service goes they are excellent: agreed, 10 times better (plus their paint is pretty wicked) I actually know the president of Sun Country former president of Champion Air (won’t release his name as i’m sure he probably wouldn’t like me to nor do i have permission) but theres my opinion right up there. Some folks may not agree and feel free to argue, thats what makes conversations interesting! (also if there are any Sun Country pilots out there reading this it would be appreciated leaving me a pm or IM on what you think of the job) Take Care and Happy Flying folks!


but I do know that SunCountry is going to give NWA a run for their money in the future ONLY if SunCountry makes good decisions

SC will never challenge NWA at MSP. Anytime an airline adds a flight out of the Msp, NWA goes crazy and increases frequency and drops the price. They also pull the occasional retaliation route like dfw-lga and den-lax. Of course I dont know where they could relaliate against Sun Country.
They also don’t have the financial capabilites to challenge NWA and be like an airtran at ATL and Frontier at DEN.
I think to show how small of a presense SC has, they aern’t even the second biggest airline at MSP (ua is 2nd).

Not to say they won’t try but they won’t be successful in having a major presence at MSP.


Sun Country can fill niches that Northwest won’t do such as MSP/Lauglin, NV.

Windsurfer: on a personal note, I’d like to say that I’m impressed with your grammatical ability. So many young people around your age spell badly and use atrocious grammar. It’s good to know that there are kids who can actually write a decent paragraph…

very funny..........on the other hand i have never flown either airline but i don't think an airline as small as sc is gonna step up to the plate and challenge least not yet


Oh i totally agree thats when i said in the “future” i left that a very broad statement i didn’t want to give any time limit, because i am absolutely no expert. But yes i do believe SC has some potential if they do not outrun NWA (which is in quite a while) than i do believe they will absolutely give them a run for their money


Thanks Mate, Yes I understand where your coming from I believe it’s just some people are just lazy and, if you think they’re spelling is bad you should see them in geometry! Well, i like things to look nice and not like a hillbilly if you will, But i believe Minnesota Public schools has had a part in my grammar abilities. :wink: I hope to talk some more take care and Happy Flying!


Jgona, I understand what you mean but all i’m trying to say is that I think that SCA has potential to do this and i’m not trying to put NWA down or anything i love the airline and maybe i’m a tad bias towards SCA’s favor and I think that what makes an airline good is service and a smart crew, NWA has lovely service but SCA is just better. And i think that if SCA has smart decisions in the future, it may not totally over throw NWA but we’ll say that SCA is like a 3rd party candidate in this situation and it may draw “votes” away from NWA. Take care, Happy Flying


yeah i go through north carolina public schools and geometry :smiley: