logic of Northwest airlines

Q1) Why does NWA have such a divided fleet?

orders on 787

You think after ordering the A330, they might have gone with the a350. And the possiblity of embrear e170 over canadair 700. I don’t get it but it looks pretty split up to me (high training costs). Q2) Could this be a determining factor if the airline shuts down?

Don’t forget the DC-9

NWA sucks and their flight attendants are mean, old and ugly. They should all be fired before they ever get a chance to strike.

Don’t even get me started on the Airbus A319/320.

wow,wazzu90,had a bad expieriece with a nwa f/a perhaps? :laughing: anyways I would assume most are older because most of the younger ones have been laid off.I was talking to a delta f/a the other day and she said most of the delta f/a hired after 1990 have been let go.if that’s true that’s pretty bad.
in any case,I think Nwa recieved their dc-9’s from the buyout of republic in the 80’s.I always wondered about their diverse fleet also.

Yes, I would lump Delta and United flight attendants into the same category. American not far behind. I have a friend who was with Delta from early 90’s and she’s gone.

Your logic is correct. SWA, Alaska and other airlines that are doing better have younger, better looking flight attendants. Their mood is happier and their service is friendly.

If Northwest has DC-9s left from Republic buyout, they probably have them left from Republic’s buyout of Hughes Airwest. The flying bananas!

Northwest got their DC-9’s from Republic. Republic’s DC-9’s came from the three airlines that merged to make Republic: Southern and North Central and, later, Hughes AirWest (note the correct spelling of AirWest).