Fate of the Northwest DC-10 and 747-200

How much longer can NWA go on keeping the DC-10 with all the new A330’s coming in. I know the 747-200 is almost out of the fleet. Some of the DC-10’s are not that old. Some are as old as there 747-400’s! I love NWA’s fleet, and i hope to fly a DC-10-30 and 747-200 before their completly gone. Long live the DC-9. They will never leave!

The answer is…not very.
The DC-10 is much more expensive to operate…3 engines to start with, as well as not as efficient as the A330. Additionally, it is a 3 crew flight deck which adds considerable costs.
I would surmise that NWA management will look to get rid of the remaining-10s as quickly as they possibly can!

Both aircraft will be retired as fast as possible given the current cost of fuel. Note, NWA will continue to operate 747-200Fs for their cargo business.

I live in the Minneapolis area, a major hub for Northwest, and a local news report said that NW can save $11,000 per flight by switching to an A330, plus hold 60 more passengers!

I know I just read somewhere (I’ll look for a link) that NW is phasing out the DC-10s, with the final flight coming in late '07.


You’re right about the dollar cost savings, but the A330-300 holds (only)25 more passengers…298 versus 273, look here:


The last DC10 flight will be NW98/06JAN2007, HNL-MSP.

Dan in Eagan

I fly NW and those DC10s. I’ve also flown on the 330s and much perfer the latter.

Their fate is simple…

They will wind up out in the Mojave Desert for my dad to look at everyday when he goes to work at Mojave HS.

Sorry, pika1000, Northwest does not park any planes in MHV. They’re all in MZJ.


Eh, MHV, MZJ…either way, they are going to become professional dust collectors.

Actually, not…a few of them will go to Omni.


Omni, dust collectors…same difference.

i have flown NW DC10-30s several tems from AMS to BOM. They are definitely showing their age. I certainly wouldnt mind them being replaced by newer aircraft.


There is a NWA DC-10 sitting on the ramp here @ TUL for Omni.

I have flown on the NWA DC-10-30’s and -40’s numerous times (including a few times on short haul flights like DTW-MSP when they operated them there) and will not miss them one bit.

Sure, nostalgia is great and all and many of the older aircraft like the 727 were great aircraft to ride on, but the DC10 was not.

Like Dan said, the final NW DC-10 flight will come in Jan of 2007, MSP-HNL. By around Sept or October of this year, they should have the DC-10 phased out on the Atlantic routes.

I know, they’re old and they’re gas hogs. I’ve flown the DC-10 across the Atlantic more times than I can count on NW50 and NW49, to and from DTW and Paris CDG. The last several trips have been on the A330, which I like. God knows the entertainment alternatives alone are far superior! But flying between France and home on the DC-10 takes me back to a very happy, very good time in my life so I guess its all nostalgia for me.

Are the DC-10’s from Northwest also leaves Amsterdam Schiphol ?
which plane is going to replaced the Dc-10’s on Amsterdam Schiphol ?
And what will do them with the DC-10’s ?

1.Yes. They will be phased out everywhere NW flies.

2.Airbus A333s, provided NW lasts long enough to replace all of their -10s.

3.Either sell/lease them to a third-world airline (unlikely), or send them here.

Are there more parks in the world
with aircrafts that whe no more use ?