Northwest 727


Does any one know if Northwest used the 727 on the DTW-Sarasota, FL route at all?


Not anytime recently.


Sorry. I ment in the late 1990’s.


lange…curious as to why the question on this one…been a while since those gas guzzlers retired…



Nope. There is still a large fleet of the beautiful 727 operating today with cargo carriers such as FedEx and DHL and several cargo/passenger charter companies.

NWA has operated charters with the 727 within the past few months. I’m not sure they are completely retired from their fleet yet.


Im pretty sure that they never did that route with the 72. They just got rid of the last ones in 2003.


I was wondering what Northwest used on that route since it was my first flight. I was trying to figure out what I flew on. I was thinking it was the 727 but i guess not. Any one know what they flew to Sarasota, FL in the spring of 99?


How much difference is the 727 to the DC-9 as far as gass guzzling?


The 2 aircraft use the same engine ( Pratt & Whitney JT8D) so the basic difference would be about 30%…3 engines vs 2.


NWA got out of 727s five to seven years ago. It was just too inefficient with three engines AND three pilots. The aircraft’s mission was replaced with DC9s on the shorter routes and A319s and A320 longer and higher traffic routes. They also had MD80s but got out of those too around the same time as the fleet size was very small.