Last DC10 flight


The last regular scheduled passenger DC10 flight in North America is airborne. NWA98 HNL-MSP.

I wonder why flightaware has the times all screwed up? There’s no way it can land in a little over an hour from now if it is still out over the Pacific!



FlightAware didn’t screw it up! Go through this forum and search for things such as strange flight times.

I get tired of people saying FlightAware is the one who screws up when it’s the data from the FAA that is screwed up. If you don’t like the data in FlightAware then don’t use FlightAware. Or, at least read the FAQ’s and do some research on the forum first.


I didn’t go on the flight, but flew to HNL from ITO specifically to see (and photograph) that departure.

There were a group of frequent flyers from who I think had booked somewhere more than half of first class, some VIPs and extremely senior crew from Minneapolis, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many ground staff (all wearing lei, of course!) “working” a single flight at the gate.

Northwest has a bunch of photos (some of which I took) up on their “NWA Moments” Flickr photostream:


I have never flown or SEEN a DC-10 but it is still sad. :frowning:


Get thee to a bigger airport and you’ll be able to see the DC-10 and its upscale cousins the MD-10 (a modified DC-10 with a 2 man crew) and the MD-11 (like a DC-10 but with winglets).

The -10 is a great plane.


I think it’s only right to dedicate this song to the DC-10 (kinda weird to do such a thing but i’m not pouring liquor on the curb for it so this is the next best thing ( And I love the song) Hope you do to, before you exit it just watch it and feel the song even all you old timers out there will like it JHEM COUGH sorry I have a really bad cold. :unamused: :wink: :laughing:
The Crossroads


I saw two parked next to each other somewhere yesterday, maybe @ STL. They were FedEx. I used to fly on NWA 10’s often and I’m not very sad.


…and a slightly enlarged area around the center engine intake.



I certainly don’t miss coach class on NWA 10’s. Even on the aisle, the 5-across was a pain. I’m lucky to have been up front in business class two of the three times I ever flew on one. :slight_smile:


finally they get rid of that piece of junk :exclamation: