New Sun Country Flight


Has anyone flown the new flight from Sun Country (MSP-IAD-MSP) yet, or are planning to? How is the service?


My brother just flew SY275 to Dulles and loved the flight. He however prefers flying to Reagan.


Sun Country is awesome serriously fly with them they are, in my oppinion, the best low cost carrier in the US :slight_smile:


Have to agree with you. Sun Country is top notch. I prefer them to NWA


How could you do that to Easy-E and da boyz in da hood? You know, the boyz in da hood that are always hard, so don’t come talking that trash or they’ll pull your card, with nothing in life but to be legit, just don’t quote them boy, they ain’t said $#!+…


Yeah, with a wuss name like “Sun Country,” that group must have been beaten up every day at rap school.


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Now are you quoting the original NWA version, or the hilarious Dynamite Hack remake (gotta love 2 white boys singing, yes singing, their version of this song)?


I’m so white I didn’t even know there was another version other than Dynamite Hack! :laughing:




Bonus points if you can name the NWA album that was on…



Easy…Best of NWA Disc 1, song 1