Honor Flight Tuesday

Keep an eye out for a Sun Country charter from SGF to IAD Tuesday the 17th…headed to the memorial. Leaves around 7am and gets back in the evening.

On board now…Sun Country 8800 on the outbound and 8801 on the return tonight.

Safe trip.

Here is a slideshow of some of the day…should have some new additions to that on Wednesday-

slide.com/r/NPiIpK8Bzz_2UkYg … bedded_url

For the geeks…we flew on craft 809, a 737-800. That particular plane is supposed to be certified in the next couple weeks for European service for whatever reason…Hardly a glamorous day for the crew, who said they had call at 245am, flew to SGF from DFW, then on to IAD, “slept and ate dinner” then flew us back to SGF, then on to DFW to sleep more and then fly home to MSP Wednesday. We got the water salute twice…something they do for these honor flights.