World War II Memorial flights

We had a group of WWII vets go to DC today to see the WWII memorial.

There’s a nice video at the above site taken from a flight from BTR a few months back. Youngest Vet on board was 79 and oldest was 96 and I sure salute those guys and glad to see them finally get their memorial. … /KMSY/KDCA

US Airways, looking at the flight number, has been doing a few of these from other cities. The director of LHA was on the radio the other day and said that the nornal charter price for this trip would be $125K, but US was doing this one for $55K so kudos to US Airways.

The Honor Flight Network is helping conduct these flights around the country. Our airport is designated as a hub for the Honor Flight, we have had two go already, and have at least two planned within the next year. Sun Country has been handling all of the charters from here.