#2 major airline at KMSP


What airline is the #2 airline in minneapolis (more flights, passengers). Exclude Sun Country.

2nd question: Is sun country a good, reliable airline. They seem to have a lot of flights out of minneapolis.


For the last 6562 flights into or out of KMSP, here are the top 10 airlines:

NWA	   42.47%
FLG   	13.40%
MES	   10.42%
N-number  4.82%
UAL 	   2.53%
SCX 	   2.33%
BMJ	    2.30%
BTA   	 1.77%
TRS	    1.74%
AAL	    1.37%


I fly only out of MSP, and Sun Country is a great and reliable airline. They are now operating more flights to business cities like NY and DC, instead of their usual vacation destinations. And they have cheap prices I might add. Their planes are also very new and modern, and have leather seats.


Number 2 airline in msp is united.