Diversions (Sun Country 386)



Just looking at Sun Country 386 that is scheduled from RSW to MSP and see they are in the process of making a diversion to MEM.

Any way if finding out why they are making that diversion?



Not sure, maybe weather related or sick passanger? They already arrived at mem right?

flightaware.com/live/flight/SCX3 … /KMEM/KMSP

Looks like they are back up now


Yeah, when I first posted it they were on final to MEM.

Just wasnt sure if there was any site that listed that kind of thing.

I know I found a site for MSP that list all diversions into MSP.and it gives a reason, but that wouldnt help for that flight


Nah i dont know of any sites for that, the only the you could really check would be local news if it was something huge otherwise it’s proabably not a big deal.

You fly in minnesota than or not?


Oh well, not too big of a deal.

Yeah, I fly in MN


Let us know what the site for MSP diversions is.


Here is the link to the Charter and Diversions page. Scroll down and click on February to see everything that has happened this month. It also list equipment change.

Not sure where they get the information, but I always find it kind of interesting to scroll through there and see what was at MSP in the past.



Looks like he gets the data from fellow aviation enthusiasts and himself: mspupdate.com/updateform.htm


That’s a very impressive web site for KMSP flights. Phoenix has one that’s similar:


“2007 Charters/Interesting Aircraft at Phoenix ,
Williams Gateway Airport , and Goodyear Airport”