MSP Competition???


Does the Minneapolis/St.Paul Intl Airport have competition from a smaller airport. And do you think that this airport will get what it’s hoping for?

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No they will not grow to compete against Msp. This is a little regional airport with 5 daily flights. Will it grow? Maybe but the only other place st. cloud residents might have is chicago. they wont grown beyond 2 destinations.

biggest airports in mn
Duluth- 3 destinations (msp, detroit, vegas)
Rochester-3 destinations (msp,detroit, chicago)


St. Cloud is just a Mesaba destination.

There has been rumors of another airport being constructed in Isanti due to the volume of traffic at KMSP.

KANE has expanded but at 5,000 ft, they can’t even land Gulfstreams and Mounds View has fought them whenever they want a major expansion.


what about KSTP. 6000 ft runway.


That would be nice if you had a fleet of 737-600 with really good pilots … Length.pdf

However this is mainly an airport for executive jets much like KORL in Orlando.


what about regional jets??


what about regional jets??

Maybe. Before we get into talking about air service from St.Paul, you have to understand that this airport is very unprotected and is prone to major flooding every spring. Nothing will be done since building dykes around the airport will cause flooding in the city.

Also St.Paul (KSTP) doesn’t have a serviceable passenger terminal.