Any idea why NWA dropped multiple flts to/from Charlotte? Really messed up my work schedule by eliminating the 6:40 AM…


My guess is that rising fuel costs are resulting in them cutting low-load DC9 flights. Early morning flights (especially out of the hub) tend to have very low loads but in theory make it up on yield since only business travelers are traveling that early.

The early flight might come back at some point with a CR9 or E175 when they have enough of them.


Pray for an E175, it’s a great plane. FWIW US Airways has a 6:50


I prefer the CRJs.


Over the E175’s? I really have to respectfully disagree…the window seats on those CRJ’s is really tight…


Note that NW/Mesaba’s CR9’s are different than the ones flown by ASA, Comair, and Mesa. They have a lower floor which allows normal-sized overhead bins and normal window heights.


Didn’t know that! Thanks for pointing out.


Bags that Delta Connection take away a the gate easily fit in the bins in Mesaba’s new CRs. Since one can’t get out of Des Moines on anything but a regional(unless you’re a package going to Memphis), NWA’s roominess makes a big difference as a passenger.


Don’t those CRJ’s have first class as well?


Indeed. 12 total in 1-2 config. I have only spent on 1st once(to DTW), most of the flights to MSP are short enough that coach doesn’t kill me.

I did spring for 1st on the upcoming honeymoon flights, though. Future wife has never flown 1st.


Delta’s CRJ900’s and United CRJ700’s also have first class (United’s also has Economy Plus - so they have 3 classes on a 66 seat aircraft).


It does seem logical for them to use our E75s on that route especially for the am. If I see something good in the packet next week for march ill let you know.