SLC E170s


I just heard today that DL’s daily E170 service from SLC to BNA will be cut and a CRJ900 in its place!!! That really sucks, has anyone flown that route, and are the E170s nice? What other routes does DL fly their E170s with???


Wouldn’t that be a capacity upgrade?


Shuttle America was flying the E170s SLC-CLE for a while, but now I’ve noticed most, if not all of these flights have been turned over to Delta mainline running MD-80s or -90s.


I haven`t flown on Shuttle Americas ERJ 170 but i have flown on US Airways Express to Key West and they are really nice


If I could stereotype airports and airplanes on the east coast it would have to be arpts with rwys at 90 degree angles, and an Embrear or CRJ taking off from them.


I flew on a US Airways EMB-170 and I loved it to bad delta is switching to a CRJ.


Odd that. When I think of east coast commercial airports (BWI, PHL, EWR, JFK, BOS, etc.) I think of heavies coming in from overseas or heading for ORD, IAH or the left coast.

Perhaps the odd 737/757 or 319/320 heading to parts in between.


You are right. Add a heavy jet on a flight to LHR. (My bad.)