No ERJ-145's In Western US?


Just noticed there were literally zero ERJ-145’s in service west of Texas just now, while the CRJ-200 is pretty universally represented across the country – the counts of the active aircraft are pretty close.

Anybody have an explanation for why this might be? Seems odd.


None of the west coast regional airlines have them, don’t know why. The closest now is American Eagle with the 135, up until a few years ago Express Jet had some 140’s in their failed bid to be independent and, not sure about this but possibly some 145’s used to work the CO express routes from Houston but that is it as far as I know.


Interesting… thought I’d illustrate:




There’s some E45X and E135 out west.


UAX does operate the E145 westbound on some flights out of IAH and DEN. None as far as California I think, but definitely as far west as NM and western Colorado.

I think American Eagle does operate the E145 on some flights out of LAX as well.


Theres some around just have to look for them. Try DFW,DEN,LAX,LAS,DAL,EWR,JFK etc. Denver has a whole terminal dedicated to them.