Learjets used in regional airlines?

I had just noticed there have been a few LJ35 flights from Providence to Newark which are owned by Acey d.b.a. Continental Express.


Is this something that’s new for regional airlines? The smallest jet I’ve seen until this are CRJ200s.

I say typo… E135/LJ35 are pretty close…

Expressjet recently changed the code they use for ERJ-145LR’s to “LRJ” which FlightAware is currently misinterpreting as a Learjet.

They say they will fix this but it hasn’t gone in yet.

I believe Expressjet did not previously differentiate between ERJ-145LR’s and ERJ-145ER’s in their coding that was sent to flightaware. Only between ER/LR’s and XR’s.

Thanks for the info. I was kinda hoping it was a Learjet, since I bet it would probably be the most comfortable regional jet you could possibly get.