United is flying me on a Learjet???


So I’m taking United flight 5933 tonight from Albany to Dulles. According to the United website it’s a RJ145. According to flightware it’s on a Learjet. And it has been on a Learjet for a while…not just a single “typo”.

Is flightaware just confused?



Refer to this thread:



Haha…ok thanks. That would have been sweet.


The airline is sending us LRJ which is supposed to be Learjet, but I think they’re using it to indicate E135LR.


E145LR - All Expressjet E-135 flights are currently out of IAH.

I also don’t think there’s such a thing as an E-135LR.


Can FA filter those flights out?


They’re real flights, it’s just the wrong aircraft type for this one carrier.


That’s what I am asking… Can FA create a filter to keep them showing up as Lear 35’s?