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Expressjet "acey" showing up as LJ35's

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASQ4 … /KEWR/KORF

Data shows it as Lear 35, yet map shows it as an E145. About 10 Acey flights in air right now showing up as Lear 35’s.

What’s up?

Cutting expenses?
Thats a joke son.
Not that I think they are really flying Lear 35’s, you see errors like this from time to time.

That’s quite strange, the airline changed the reported aircraft type from ERJ to LRJ.

By which I assume they mean E145(LR).

you can thank ASA for changing the type, it was LRJ for the longest time but since the merger begin year and a half or so ago it has been chaos… Not surprised by the mess up with LJ35 since we started to fly the 135’s again.

Is there any way to create a filter for Acey flights which prevents them from showing up as LearJets?

Aren’t they supposed to file the flight plans using the ICAO approved aircraft type?

The flightplan is correct according to ICAO codes.

This schedule data is coming from a direct feed from Expressjet where they use internal codes.

So no other way to filter out ASQ from LJ35s?


This problem still hasn’t been fixed. :confused:

Ditto! Still showing LRJ’s!


I am not seeing it anymore:



There they are!

Still not fixed… what’s up with this? :question: