FlightAware needs to update ExpressJet info

ExpressJet recently merged with Atlantic Southeast Airlines. They still use the ExpressJet name however they also now use the “Acey” callsign and ASQ code (rather than BTA).

On FlightAware all ExpressJet flights now show up as ASA flights. For example flight ASQ5714 shows up as an ASA flight even though it is an ExpressJet flight. Not much of an issue if you know this stuff but say someone is on ExpressJet 5714, and when they look it up on FA they see a flight which landed over a year ago rather than the correct one, and things can get confusing.

Just a heads up, someone must have missed a memo or something because FA was right on the ball about switching from UA-CO. Of course, in that case they all started using the UA callsign/code while ExpressJet retains its name but now uses the ASA code.

Just something that has been bugging me for a while and I was hoping you guys could fix it.

We got the memo, we didn’t like the mess it created. :smiley:

We expect the average layperson to look the flight up under the parent/mainline, and those both work:

We expect the propeller heads to look it up under the operating carrier:

We recognize there’s a gap for someone who looks at a document that says “Operated by ExpressJet” but we don’t have a clean way to resolve which flight numbers that is over time.

The problem is that it still calls ASQ flights “Atlantic Southeast Airlines (EV)” (For example on flightaware.com/live/flight/ASQ5714 ) when this name no longer exists. ASQ now means “Expressjet Airlines (EV)”.

This should be a fairly simple change to make and has nothing to do with the translation of marketing to operating carrier.

The displayed name will change tomorrow.

Thanks for the fix,the flight search I was not so worried about but it bugged me that ASQ still showed up as Atlantic Southeast (a now non-existent airline)

Just a heads up… it still says Atlantic Southeast


Well that’s weird. Let’s see what happens with this evenings release.