What On Earth Is ASA Doing??


I normally don’t post much, but I just had to ask this…

I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the heck Atlantic Southeast is doing with their callsigns and such… For the longest while, they were Candler and the codes were CAAxxxx, then just recently they switched to Acey and ACYxxxx codes, and now they have switched again to Asia Service (?!?) and ASQ codes. I liked the Acey callsign, and now what the heck is Asia Service? Does anyone have any idea as to why the changing of the callsign and codes?


Before Candler it was Atlantic Southeast Airlines, callsign A-SE

Perhaps they want to return to the ASA “name,” therefore, Asia Service Airlines, and maybe to the old ASA logo.

Just a guess on my part and I, too, would like some insight here.


It’s the “Asia Service” part of the name that is particularly hard to understand when referring to a U.S. domestic airline.


I just looked up the ICAO code ASQ, and it says the Asia Service Airlines is based in Kazakhstan, so my guess is that Asia Service Airlines is the old owner of the ASQ code, and the database hasn’t been brought up to date yet.


ASA changed the callsign to ACY “Acey” a few weeks ago, then had to change it to ASQ partially because of Atlantic City Airport “ACY”. Anyway, this might not be the last time.


Well, the new code only went into effect April 13, so hopefully the site can fix the airline sometime in the near future.


It’s been changed now, so I guess it was simply the old airline that used to have the code showing up.