Atlantic Southeast


Was CAA “Candler”.
Now ACY “Acey”

Effective March 14.


I think we propagated this change systemwide already, are you seeing otherwise or just letting all the folks know?


Just letting folks know, Daniel. I got a notification from one of the aviation yahoogroups. I did see that you had already made the change, but there was no announcement about it.


So why the change and what does ACEY mean?


I used to fly on Atlantic Southeast (aka: ASA) every week. Their nickname amongst frequest travellers was “America’s Sorriest Airline”. Hopefully they are changing more than their call sign and I wish them the best in the process.

They were a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, but were sold to SkyWest back in August. Presumably the call sign change is reflective of the ownership change.


Yeah, we got a few notices about the change although no explanation, so we sort of made the subtle change without editing the history data or anything.


got the scoop from the crew of ACY463…ASA used to use “ASEA” (Atlantic SouthEast Airlines) a while back. They got it back, only spelled ACEY.


I see that you actually created a new airline called “Old ASA” to preserve historical flight information that used the previous CAA code. Very ingenious!


Yeah if we gave it a similar name, it’d be confusing when people typed in the airline name when searching for the name.


I used to be a pilot there. Acey is a call sign for a ANG C-130 outfit in New Mexico. They had it before ASA did and got to keep it. Candler came from Asa Candler, who was a co-founder of something in Atlanta. I think Hartsfield was Candler field a long time ago.


Isn’t ASA the standard code (forget the acronym) for Alaska Airlines?
I found that confusing when I first encountered this thread. -Jan


Actually I left ASA and now fly for Alaska Airlines. Their code is ALA. Although everywhere in route system they have ASA as their code. Even our manuals all say ASA. Confusing but Alaska is ALA.